City of Heroes: Valentine's Day Romance – Manticore & Sister Psyche Wedding

Online games are microcosms of society. With February 14 drawing near, it is not unusual to see Valentine’s Day celebrations in virtual worlds. Yet, Cryptic Studios and NCsoft is taking the holiday to an extreme. Manticore & Sister Psyche, two heroes from City of Heroes, are getting married. The event also serves as a promotion for the City of Heroes Wedding Pack.

Regardless if you’re in New York City or Paragon City, the world needs love. If you’re into a more romantic side of online gaming, and you have an active City of Heroes account, you may have a chance view the live ceremony. It will take place in the Training Room, the test server. The event starts at 3:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM EST and it is scheduled to repeat for three hours. Attending the event is largely based on luck, as you’ll have to be in the correct zone. The official instructions are to look for ushers in Atlas Park and Mercy Island™ (there is one usher in each zone).

Also coinciding with the holiday, the week long “Spring Fling” event starts on February 14 at 8:59am PST / 11:59 AM EST. Villans and Heroes alike can complete Valentine’s Day inspired missions. Other MMORPGs have holiday events, but now City of Heroes sports an unusual enhancement…

For $9.99 plus applicable sales tax, players of City of Heroes can expand their selection of attire and express themselves with wedding related expressions. Through the Wedding Pack, romantic gamers can don a tuxedo or a wedding dress. They can also use four new emotes: Propose, Throw Confetti, Throw Rose Petals and Throw Rice. The Wedding Pack is available through the NCsoft Online Store.