Could Gwen Forgive The Charr?

Consider this rant a reiteration of my contempt towards the apparent shift in Guild Wars lore. I… HATE… CHARR! With a bold statement, I’ve drawn a line in the sand – I will not play Guild Wars 2 if the Charr are aligned with humans. I’m not kidding. I’ve already quit two MMORPGs for a similar reason. Yet, to prove that I’m not completely unreasonable, I’ve made two exceptions…

  1. If I could completely avoid the Charr in Guild Wars 2, by setting my guild to exclude Charr from my Alliance/Guild, then maybe I could enjoy the game.
  2. If I could somehow forgive the Charr, then maybe… MAYBE… I could see aligning with them.

Since there will be a Charr “hero” in Eye of the North, and since the Charr are a playable race in Guild Wars 2, the time to confront this issue is now. There will be no discussion in the future. It will be too late. The franchise would have been tainted and I would need a new hobby. How can you forgive the Charr? They razed most of Ascalon. They probably killed Gwen’s mom and they killed countless civilians. How do you reconcile that? I don’t care if ten centuries past, would the descendant of TANK or PHOTICS forgive the Charr? I don’t think so.

I will not play Guild Wars 2 if the Charr are aligned with humans.*

Gwen is the only thing done right with the lore. The hate for the Charr — and the admiration for Gwen — that’s what I get out of the storyline. ArenaNet is on the path of ruining the only thing that works with the lore. That’s why I’m looking forward to playing Guild Wars: Eye of the North. It looks like Gwen is back! The conflict with the Charr will continue. What is going to happen? I’m quite curious!

Can Gwen forgive the Charr? If she can, then maybe I can. This is ArenaNet’s one shot to make a happy transition from the classic Guild Wars to the future Guild Wars. I’ll be watching carefully. How will Gwen act towards a Charr hero?

10 thoughts on “Could Gwen Forgive The Charr?”

  1. I will forgive the Charr if:
    1.) They help remake ascalon
    2.) They help us destroy the new threats
    3.) They apologize
    4.) We get to kill them when they have done all the above

  2. Well, I went through this before the site changed, but one of the ONLY things that will ever make me forgive the Charr…

    Is if whatever group of Charr decides to aide us in our journey will help us destroy those still loyal to their destructive Gods, the Titans. I will destroy the enemy, and if the Charr Rebels will help, then I can forgive them.

  3. I don’t like the Charr either. Nor do I like Death Penalty.

    But I always wondered why the Charr are so Charr-ish. I think they have a pretty decent story behind them.

    Now don’t get me wrong I HATE the Charr too!

    I’m a GW Junkie so even if A-Net decided to allience the Charr in I’d still jump and be supportive.

  4. Well, I’m not totally against them, I don’t mind playing evil things once in a while, theres gotta be conflict. But they shouldn’t be on the same side as humans, that screws it up. I’m just bored with Guild Wars currently, can’t wait ’till tomorrow. If we find out that there are human helpers out there, then maybe we can ally with a select few, just keep them as an enemy.

  5. I’m a mix of love hate with the Charr. I hate what they’ve done in the past, but I love seeing Charr, it gives me a “so cool” feeling when I see a pack of them descending about to meet their demise on my blade.

    I’m looking forward to see more about how their society works and the aftermath of the death of their Titan gods.

  6. Seems like the Charr were simply deceived and manipulated like the White Mantle, the only difference being that the Charr didn’t get the chance to realize it in the first Campaign’s Story Line.. Now furious, they could become a powerful ally!

    .. or be a great axis for Guild Wars 2

    Long Live The Crusaders!

  7. I do agree with the point on Alliances. I certainly hope we won’t stumble into what I call “Trek Phenomenon”. Remember in Star Trek, there were once the Klingons who were the evil ones. Suddenly they were allies. Then the Romulans took their place and when I look at the last Trek movie, well, the Romulans don’t look so evil now (much to my disdain, I liked them a lot, because they were so evil, so anti-Federation). Just thinking that something like that may happen in Guild Wars between Humans and Charr is… well… not funny.

    As for the Charr themselves… They nearly killed Gwen for crying out loud! Murdered her mother (whether with Charr troops or with their magic doesn’t metter), even killed Rurik’s girl. Honestly… Let’s just kill them all and let the Five Gods sort them out.

    I might forgive them, possibly, if they end up providing Gwen with Charr-fur coats.

    Though, playable Charr could lead to some funny PvP… I certainly hope it will.

  8. Aww there there Photics, no need to hate…much. I stopped hating the Charr after I left Ascalon area and met all the other messed up Human hating races of Tyria (Centaurs, Avacara, Stone Summit, on my!). It seems that Humans aren’t very popular around here…

    You finished Nightfall didn’t ya? Technically speaking, Charr isn’t “the enemy” per say, at least the main driving force that cause the razing of Ascalon. Think about it, Charr and Humans had been at War for years, probably over territory. If it wasn’t for the Titans, the razing of Ascalon, and eventually Orr would have never occured.

    Not to say that Charr should be lovable Allies or anything, I mean the way they value things (Gods>Lives>Peace)is just too different.

    I hope you won’t quit Guild Wars again, you better not be coming back to WoW, everyone will miss ya, again.

  9. Huh, I always thought the Charr looked cool…

    I can’t really see the Charr and humans being aligned. Too much difference and tension. Perhaps humans are only allied with the Charr who no longer follow the shamans? Then you could be allied with Charr while still being able to hack the ‘bad’ ones to pieces! Everybody wins!

  10. Actually, I’ve always loved the Charr and loved to hate them. As enemies go, they were formidable! They set a whole continent on fire! But there’s more to them than warmachines and crazy gods, they are a society of strong-willed warriors, much like the Norn, who value strength above just about everything.

    I don’t think the Charr kill out of cruelty, or some sadistic enjoyment of pain. It’s hardly personal! They are, I believe, more in tune with death and don’t see it quite as the horrible thing we humans do.

    The question of alliances is interesting though: humans have a tendency to align with a demon to defeat the devil. I very much see humans in the future using the Charr for their strength, even against their better judgment.

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