Dreamcast Game Review – Got Stress? Get Dynamite Cop!

Terrorists have kidnapped the President’s daughter (again) and it’s up to you to save her (again). For those of you who remember Die Hard Arcade, then you’ll be sure to recognize Dynamite Cop. Kick, Punch and Shoot your way through hostile territory.

So ok… there seems to be a loose translation of reality with Dynamite Cop. Bazookas will hurt your enemies only slightly more than a stiff jab. But wait, there’s more! You can pick up over 100 “non-traditional” weapons. That’s right! Unlike other action/fighting games, when you see sushi on the floor – you don’t eat it, you use it as a weapon. And for the last bit of oddity… as your characters get hit, they lose articles of clothing. It’s an unique adaptation on strip poker.

Yeah… it’s a mindless fighting game. Does every game require depth or strategy? Well, with a $50 entry fee, you may expect more from a game. If you’re a seasoned button puncher, you should blow through this game without trouble. Once all the levels have been beaten, you may not want to play anymore. The bonus games are neat, but not enough to add longevity to this title. There’s a wide range of moves and weapons to use… but how long can only beat on mindless morons without losing interest?

Dynamite Cop is definitely worth a rental. However, if you’re thinking on buying it, you should ask yourself a question. Do you enjoy games like Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Final Fight? If so, then you’ve found another game to add to your collection. Honestly, I could play Golden Axe and Streets of Rage and now Dynamite Cop whenever I’ve had a stressful day. There’s something so soothing about beating dozens of mindless drones. If your into that… then you should consider giving this game a try.

Graphics – The graphics are clean and smooth. You should expect nothing less from the graphical power of the Dreamcast. Dynamite Cop is definitely better looking than it’s aged arcade counter-part.

Sound – Ahh… the satisfyingly sweet sounds of slaughter. All the bone cracking, face smashing, mayhem bringing, sounds are included. It’s quite reminiscent of old kung-fu movies.

Control – It’s pretty hard to screw this up. One button kicks, one button punches. If you want to get complicated, the other button makes you jump. Typical of action/fighting games, the controls are fairly easy to use.

Innovation – You’ve got to be kidding? This game style is as old as the hills. Even before Golden Axe there was Double Dragon. Does Dynamite Cop play better than Double Dragon? Of course!!! But hey… 15 years ago we didn’t know any better.

Playability – Got stress? Get Dynamite Cop! I’m sorry… I just don’t want to think when I’m playing a video game. There are enough problems in reality. Games like this allows me to escape. This is why I find Dynamite Cop a fun game to play.