Dreamcast Game Review – Ready 2 Rumble ("This Outta Be A Crime")

The easiest way to describe Ready 2 Rumble is by calling it the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out of the 90’s. It’s a cartoon-like boxer meant to be more than a little silly. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this game deliverers. It’s nothing but non-stop, mindless punch-fest. Ready 2 Rumble is one of those games where you can vent some stress after a hard day.

There are so many fighting games to choose from, even from the first day of the Dreamcast’s release. Graphically speaking, Ready 2 Rumble is not up to par with the other fighters. Humor is what this game delivers best.

So if you need the playability of Punch Out, with the wisecracks of Mickey from Rocky 1, 2 and 3, then you’ve got a great game. Otherwise, you might want to rent this game first. To be totally honest – I hated this game! There are so many better fighting games available for the Dreamcast. I can’t even pretend to compare this game to Soul Calibur.

Of course, do know that my friends say I’m nuts. They’ll play this game for hours, all the while thinking it’s one of the greatest games on the Dreamcast. Me… I just don’t see it!

Graphics – Even with the power of the Dreamcast Engine behind it, polygon-based skins still look too pointy for my tastes.

Sound – If the phrase “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” doesn’t burn a hole in your brain, you might actually enjoy the game’s sounds & music.

Control – There seems to be a lag between pressing the button and throwing a punch. Otherwise, the controls are fairly simple and easy to use.

Innovation – This game is nothing more than your average fighter, which is not as impressive as the other already available on the Dreamcast.

Playability – The humor factor is probably the games strongest point, but the jokes wear off quick. This game is something you’ll either love or hate.