Exteel Is Officially Released and Updated

Exteel, a “free-to-play” giant robot combat game from NCsoft, is now out of the testing phase. Even more surprisingly, there wasn’t a player wipe. I suppose that’s also good news for my Level 8 Corporal. With the official launch of Exteel, there’s also a new patch, which adds Micropayments or NCcoin to the game. $1 = 100 NCcoins.

Here are the official update notes…

  • NCcoin has been added! New items are available for NCcoin purchase: 3 new mech sets, 1 Jetpack, 7 new weapons and 8 new paint cans!
  • Difficulty for Last Stand: Balance for difficulty 3, 4, and 5 has been adjusted. NPCs’ HP and weapon damage has been increased slightly.
  • Credit rewards have increased for certain ranks.
  • The lobby screen should now properly display all remaining match times.
  • “Store” and “Hangar” display location has been changed.
  • Room description text has been reduced to 25 characters (originally was 30).