Getting Ready for the 2009 Wintersday Party

tank-the-ranger-thumbnailSo yeah, I deleted TANK again. I decided that going for the Defender of Ascalon title is just too insane. Death leveling just feels wrong. So instead, I turned him into a Ranger. I’m going for the Survivor title… again. It seems a lot harder as a Ranger. I’m having trouble getting over the Shiverpeak mountains, but this is a mission that I must complete. I’ve been cordially invited to attend the 2009 Wintersday festivities. With over two weeks of extra loot, this is a perfect opportunity to farm titles. Therefore, I want to get to Kilroy’s Punch-Out Extravaganza.  That means I have to make it to Lion’s Arch, and then travel over to the Eye of the North expansion.

Here’s the official text about the event…

Wintersday is Coming!

Beginning at Noon Pacific (-8 GMT) on Friday, December 18, you can enjoy lots of Wintersday Festival fun, including special quests and activities, seasonal items, the Snowball Arena, and more. Get details on, and join the event through January 4!

That means I have to be ready by tomorrow. I’m home today, so I think that I can make it. The journey should take about five hours solo. If I can keep TANK alive, I should be ready for the party. Check the comments to see my progress. Will I make it to Gunnar’s Hold alive?!

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  1. Level 1 – The journey begins again in Ascalon City. I got my Sundering Darksteel Longbow and a Flute for Gwen. Now I’m ready to kill some Scale.

  2. Level 2 – In Lakeside County, I gained a new level. They’ll be much harder after this. Knowing the trouble that I’m in for, I unchecked the “Mute when Guild Wars is in background” option. That got me last night. I went to read an email, went back to Guild Wars, and then I spotted a dead Ranger. Not this time! Anyway, there are more Scales to slay. Their fins will lead to a new Belt Pouch.

  3. Level 3 – I helped the Elementalist Aziure in Wizard’s Folly to complete my next level. I picked Elementalist as my secondary profession. As a Ranger primary, I don’t feel that I need a secondary profession… other than to escape Pre-Searing.

  4. Level 4 – I hit the next level after a battle with some bandits. I’m on my way to pick up some more Ranger skills. I’m almost ready to leave the Pre-Searing area. It’s really nice here, but unfortunately, I can’t stay.

  5. Level 5 – Out of curiosity, I was wondering what item Nicholas wanted today. It was an easy one… Skale Fins. So, I hit level 5 by farming for fins in Lakeside County. I was also watching out for Red Iris Flowers. I got Gwen her cape, but I’m wondering if I should give 50 flowers to Professor Yakkington. If I do, I’d get a small equipment pack.

  6. Level 6 – For some strange reason, I’m farming flowers. I have 18 and I’m aiming for 50. I should have left Pre-Searing 1-2 levels ago, but I figured that I should go for the small equipment pack. I can’t be afraid to do things just because I’m going for the Survivor title. Although, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m wasting too much time on a secondary objective.

  7. Level 7 – Lucky number seven turned out OK. I had a close battle with some Scale in Regent Valley, near Nicholas Sandford. I was close to redeeming my 50 Iris Flowers and Scale Fins. But before I did, I dropped a few spiders to hit level 7. Now I have my small equipment pack, 10 Bottle Rockets, 5 Jars of Honey, 5 Honeycombs and 5 Sparklers. I’m thinking that’s enough of Pre-Searing. I don’t want to go, but I can’t get the Survivor title without it. Years later, Pre-Searing is still one of my most favorite places in the entire game.

  8. Survivor is a tough title, granted I have never tried anything outside of playing through the game normally without dying. Currently I have an Indomitable Survivor Ritualist that is at Gyala Hatchery.

  9. Level 8 – The scenery has changed significantly, since I was last near Fort Ranik. While battling through the second mission, I hit the next level. I completed the secondary quest to get 1,000 points of experience. Some might feel it is too risky to run missions while going for Survivor, but I think my Ranger should toughen up before traveling through the Shiverpeaks. The real example of overconfidence comes from Hard Apple Cider. Perhaps I shouldn’t be working on the Drunkard title too. Oh well, with the action blurred out, it’s easier to focus on my health bar.

    Orry, it seems that you’re almost finished with the Survivor title. Did you stop or give up? Indomitable is the second rank of the Survivor title. Only one more to go!

  10. Level 9 – At the Ruins of Surmia, I gained another level. The best part about this milestone is that I now have enough points in Marksmanship to take full advantage of my bow. The difference is significant. I’m obliterating the Charr now. Perhaps that was my mistake last time. I should have used a Rune to boost my attributes. Perhaps that extra time in Pre-Searing wasn’t such a waste after all.

  11. I haven’t stopped or given up, just need to find the time to do Gyala Hatchery, relatively long for a Factions misison with a rather difficult requirement to get Master’s with only henchmen.

    Running missions with a Survivor isn’t at all risky, I have even done the quest The Villainy of Galrath with a few characters going for Survivor, (they died later for various reasons) and that is much more difficult than most of the story missions.

    Over Wintersday I’ll probably be busy snowball fighting, am only around 2000 points away from r3 gamer.

    1. I don’t usually do the side quests. I don’t see the benefit. Experience? Gold? Weapons? I usually can get better results through Kilroy’s Punch-Out! As for the difficulty, I think that the missions can be quite challenging if you’re not prepared. For example, I just finished the bonus mission for Nolani Academy. Those ghosts are vicious and have often tried to cut me to pieces. They’re immune to poison and bleeding, which are common attacks. They also use Hamstring! While you’re trying not to get killed, you have to lug the big book around. That can really mess up Warriors and Rangers… drop it on the ground… shoot… pick up the book… move three feet… drop the book… attack… pick up the book… that’s pretty challenging for only the fourth storyline mission in the game. If you don’t think it’s a challenging mission, have you tried opening up the main gate from the beginning? :-P

  12. The bonus of the quests would be that I am a completionist, my Ritualist survivor for instance has done all the quests in Factions outside of the ones in the Jade Sea that are only accessible after beating Gyala Hatchery. In fact the only reason I am doing Gyala Hatchery is so I can do those quests and get Protector. I capped all the Ritualist skills from Factions, and plan to be a Canthan Elite Skill Hunter before I leave Cantha.

    Did I mention most of my attempts at Legendary Survivor fail at one point or another?

  13. Level 10 – At the Iron Horse Mine, I made it into the double digits. I’m getting close to Lion’s Arch. I decided to skip the missions and just fight my way through the explorable areas. I’m just not in the mood for another mission with Rurik.

  14. Level’s 11-20 It was quick! Basically, I fought my way to Gunnar’s Hold. Once there, I started pummeling Dwarves. With a good scroll, I was getting roughly 600 experience points per knockout. I went from 11 to 14 in just one run. I hit level 20 not too long after that. I’m tired. Ha! I’m taking a break, but I’m read for the holiday party. My new character is ready to get lots of loot!

  15. Unfortunately, no. TANK died, I have to start again. I only had the first rank of Survivor. I was fighting the Dwarves. It looked like I won the fight, but then I was knocked out. Before I could react, the timer ran out.

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