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guildwars-2-sylvari-thumbnailWith every bit of new information released by ArenaNet, some questions are answered – but even more arise. The latest video trailer about Guild Wars 2 might have you wondering about the future of Guild Wars. Fortunately, there’s a follow-up interview to better explain the differences between the sequel and the original. An interview at briefly discusses combat, races, instancing, story telling, game design, armor and more! If you look carefully, a better picture of the future is painted. Here’s an excerpt, “The biggest differences include a fully persistent world, fully 3D engine, a less complex combat system with fewer overall skills, multiple playable races, and separate world servers.”


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  1. A great interview, and answered a few of my questions… But the main one is, I hope builds will still be very customizable. That’s one of the things that really turns me off about WoW. To be a retribution (that’s the damage part) paladin, I have to have to much dps (that damage per second) and so much points of haste rating, and so much points of hit rating, this that and the other. So what? It’s all a bunch of numbers and math. I could care less. In Guild Wars, I have like 300 skills at my finger tips to draw a build from. I can do anything I want! I can even be a fire/holy magic wizard as a smiting monk! With a pet! You just can’t do that in WoW. I hope they keep that in GW2, I want to at least be able to put together my own build my own way.

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