Guild Wars 2 Pre-Orders Have Begun!

guild-wars-2-thumbnailThings may be busy in land, but I’m still taking some time out to spy on ArenaNet. They’re still quietly hiring more people. They’re no doubt working on Guild Wars 2. Yet, how close are they? The wall of silence that ArenaNet has built is not impenetrable. There are obvious weak points. Sometimes NCsoft, the parent company, releases information ahead of ArenaNet. But there is another source of information… retailers. This is where the money comes from and they require a heads up.

I wandered over to and I was a little surprised to see what I saw. Guild Wars 2 is available for pre-order. Of course, this shouldn’t be a shock to me. I hate buying games in retail stores because the sales people pester me to pre-order games that I have no interest in. Heh, but GW2 is something that I am interested in… very much so.

There’s something more official feeling about seeing the game listed online. With the release of the Guild Wars 2 trailer, and now spotting this, Guild Wars 2 is starting to feel more real. I wasn’t worried about ArenaNet finishing this project. It’s more about wondering about when…. WHEN is the game going to be released? When’s that’s supposed to happen. What’s the release date? Just like retailers, fansites have to prepare for release dates too. I don’t know when to expect the game, but things are starting to get interesting.

One thought on “Guild Wars 2 Pre-Orders Have Begun!”

  1. I still truckin’ in all the GW campaigns, I hope GW2 doesn’t come out for a little while longer ;)
    Hey, but no worries, there’ll be a Guild Wars 3 long before Blizzard ever releases Diablo 3. LOL !.

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