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The initial attraction to Guild Wars was simple – it was an MMORPG that did not require a credit card. The other thing I admired about Guild Wars was a genuine respect that ArenaNet had towards players. The fansite program showed that. Recently, things have started a change. This post is a call to action, so that ArenaNet can return to their glory days. The Bonus Mission Pack should be accessible to all Guild Wars Players, even those without credit cards!

The deadline passed with Halloween. Unless you dropped $29 or more in the Guild Wars Online Store, you will not be enjoying the Bonus Mission Pack. The easiest way to fulfill that requirement was to purchase Guild Wars: Eye of The North through the online store. But if you don’t have a credit card, or if you wanted a pretty box, you would be missing out on extra content. Do understand that I’ve already met the requirement. This ‘Friendly Petition’ is not a rant or whine. It’s an opportunity for ArenaNet and the community to set things right.

ArenaNet is a business. Above all, their objective is to make money. I understand their desire to promote online transactions. It means greater profit. However, ArenaNet cannot forget why they’re endeared by players. Short term revenue gains should not outweigh longterm goals. Once players start to feel neglected by a game company, the exodus will begin. I suspect that the Bonus Mission Pack will be a catalyst for resentment.

Bonus Mission Pack - ARMY
Will an army of petitions lead Arena to change their mind?

That’s why I’m suggesting a petition. Post a comment on this page and let ArenaNet know how you feel. Note: Only post a comment on this page if you are in favor of the petition. Other types of comments will not be approved. Remember, this is not about hating ArenaNet. This is to encourage them to do the right thing. If public outcry is significant enough, I’m sure that ArenaNet will think of a way to keep players happy.

Here are some of my suggestions…

  • Power of the Press – Offer a Bonus Mission Pack Unlock Code in a popular video game magazine
  • Expand The Campaign – Sell Action Figures or other Guild Wars Merchandise in retail stores. Have the first wave of those items include a Bonus Mission Pack unlock code.
  • Customer Loyalty – Have the Bonus Mission Pack be an automatic unlock for players who own all of the chapters of Guild Wars.

Now that ArenaNet has generated all the online sales possible through the Bonus Mission Pack marketing campaign, it is time to set things right. It is time to remember the initial ideals that made Guild Wars great – NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED and RESPECT FOR ALL PLAYERS.

32 thoughts on “Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack – Friendly Petition”

  1. I’ll be the first name on the petition. :)

    I PHOTICS / TANK of The Crusaders guild believes that ArenaNet should make the Bonus Mission Pack accessable to ALL players. While I have already secured my copy of the BMP, I believe that players without credit cards should also have the opportunity to do so.

  2. I, Mirage Llewyn of GuildCast Listeners United believe that all people should be able to have access to the mission bonus pack, in a sort of in-game way. Maybe a set of master quests in hard mode that are actually a challenge. With that, you could have it so you would need all the campaigns for all four of the missions.

    Prophecies for the White Mantle.
    Factions for the Tengu Wars.
    Nightfall for Turai vs. Joko.
    Eye of the North for Gwen’s past.

  3. I, Schuldig The Red, of The Silver Omen Alliance and Guild, believe that everyone should be allowed access to the Bonus Mission Pack. I may have secured my copy, but it is unjust, considering that a good portion of players are underage for a credit card, and cannot procure theirs in that manner.

  4. I, Prepare To Burn think that players should be able to get the BMP if they have bought all camapaigns. I also agree with the 3 things posted in the comments above and everything the Mike mentioned.

  5. I, Firrail Caeless, believe that the bonus pack should be accessible in other ways than just the online shop promotion. It took me a long time to overcome my apprehension of buying something, without getting the box I like to display in my collection.

    Only when a friend offered to give me his box, I went along and bought GW:EN in-game, but I am still not feeling good about it…

  6. I, Deric Delong, believe that the bonus pack should be made available to ALL who purchase the media packs and not just the ones who purchased the electronic downloads. I, myself, have spent over $160 on the entire series as well as purchased the GW:GOTY upgrade. The discrimination against those who want a tangible disk that they can hold in their hands to re-install from instead of waiting 2+ hours for a -image should end.

  7. I Jude Death belive that the bonus mission pack should be part of a magazine promotion or made avaible in action figures or even if arena net gave it to players who have all campanes or have it so you can buy the pack in stores as a code.

  8. I, Morwena Elessar, firmly believe that those responsible at ArenaNet should be ashamed of themselves for trying to boost their online store sales with this Bonus Mission pack!
    These missions should be available to everyone who has spent their hard earned cash, and many an hour playing their game. I personally have purchased all 3 collectors editions plus EotN on pre-order, therefore at full price, but feel let down by this sales gimmick….

  9. I, Nemisari Dark, believe the Bonus Mission Pack should be available to patrons without access to a credit card. To make this happen, I suggest a simple card with an access code be made available for purchase at the cost of shipping and manufacturing of an individual boxed copy of Guild Wars: Eye of the North. This way, in essence, those who purchased the boxed version of GW:EN would pay for the materials they received and be able to enjoy the Bonus Mission Pack the same as those that made the purchase digitally.

  10. I agree, find a way to open bonus packs to all credit card or not. I already have my packs locked in and It would not bother me if they opened it to all,some say it would cheapen it for us but I don’t think so.

  11. I, accenture agree that the idea to release the Bonus Mission Pack only to players who spend money on the online store is a flawed plan. This is because there are many players out there who do not wish to divulge their credit card details online and will, as a result of this, miss out. I suggest that future boxed versions of Guild Wars (any campaign) should come with an unlock code for the Bonus Mission Pack.

  12. I, Jizato of The Crusaders believe that the Bonus Mission Pack should be made available to those without a credit card. I support Photics’ merchandise suggestion. Perhaps selling some of the wallpapers as posters, with a code inside.

  13. So, another “give it away free” petition? You do understand that the reason we spent a few months in production on the Bonus Mission Pack was to support the sales–yes, for that evil thing called “money”–of our other products, right? We must make products, and sell products, in order to have the wherewithall to support future development. Someone who suggests, “Hey, take a couple dozen designers, programmers, and artists make another Sorrow’s Furnace and ‘sell’ it to me for in-game gold” shows a complete failure to grasp the nature of business and the responsibilities that our company has to pay our staff, support our publishing partners, keep our servers running and our light lit, and assure the future of the franchise about which we all care deeply.

    What’s next? “ArenaNet should make action figures and hand them out, for free, to thank players for buying their game.” No matter that we’ve been “thanking” players since 2005, with free gameplay, frequent updates, contests, improvements and additions to the game, and much more.

    I’ve seen it all: I bought your first campaign, accepted 7,000+ hours of your free service, used your support team’s help four times when I messed up my account, declined to support you with further purchases, and now I want… hmmmm… a free pony!” Even if you bought all the campaigns and a few character slots, that’s paying for what you’ve gotten, that is NOT an entitlement to getting more, for free! Especially a bloomin’ pony!

    You’ll get a lot of people signing your “petition.” Because given a choice, nearly everyone will want everything, forever, and for free. But stand back, think, and realize that this sort of request is unrealistic, short-sighted, and selfish.

    Lastly, nearly anyone can acquire a means to pay for the qualifying products that entitle the buyer to the free promotional item. Hand over the cash to a friend or family member and have them order with their credit card. Better still, go to your local grocery store–literally millions offer this–and buy a prepaid credit card and you’re fine. Photics, please don’t sing the “ArenaNet lied to us” or the “ArenaNet is not holding to their original ideals” songs, because that’s just nonsense. The solution to any question of payment is simple, clear, and easy. And the solution is not, and cannot be, “continue to give me more, and more, and never ask me to support you beyond the initial 50 bucks.”

    I am very disappointed in this. Frankly, I expected better thinking from you.

  14. Wow Gaile, I’m surprised. No one is suggesting that ArenaNet give it away for free. The primary suggestion is to give players without credit cards an opportunity to buy the Bonus Mission Pack. If a company can figure out a way to eliminate monthly fees, they can figure out a way to accommodate players without credit cards.

    Companies would love to have your problem. You have fans that want to buy your product, but they can’t. Why doesn’t ArenaNet simply go with the “Mail $10 to this address” solution?

    Your disappointment does not equal mine. This is an opportunity for ArenaNet to turn things around. This is an opportunity for ArenaNet to listen to fans and to come up with a good solution, just as they have done in the past.

    Actually, I’m not disappointed. I remember the days of Alpha, when I was the most annoying person around. Yet, my ideas were sound. I remember the resistance, but I also remember ArenaNet quietly thinking. A few weeks later… POOF… an ideal solution. I believe that ArenaNet will do the right thing here.

    Not only is this an opportunity for ArenaNet to please the fans, it’s a way for ArenaNet to make more money!

    Everybody wins! :)

  15. Arenanet makes this game, they have made all the IP, they have the right to charge what they want. I do not agree it is fair, but it is a buy one get one free promotion. Sort of like – you go into store A and they say “get a free DvD with a purchace of a player”.

    ArenaNet wants to sell it online because they get more money, they don’t have to pay the store, make the box or press the CD. They are probably trying this out to see if they can use it as a business model in the future. There may be a way to get it later, but ANet is a business, they want money.

  16. Gaile,

    Well, what about the ones who have bought all the retail products and have nothing else that they can buy to get the $30 in the in-game store? You want them to pay for another copy of the game when they don’t need it just so they can get the BMP? Might as well just stick a $30 price tag on the BMP itself. If it had a price that I could pay, other than $30, I would pay for it just so I could have the experience of seing what happened between pre-searing and seared. I love the game and the support has been phenominal. I wouldn’t have bought all 4 campaign’s otherwise. I just don’t want to see Anet turn into another Blizzard. Sure, their model worked for them, but look at it now. People are leaving it in droves and a lot of them are coming to Guild Wars simply because it’s a buy once play free system. It might not have player housing, horses, or flying mounts, but who needs them when the game has content and re-playability. I know I may have came across rather strongly about the BMP, but I just find it annoying that only the people who purchased a digital download can get it.


  17. Gaile; you may be looking at this the wrong way. There are legitimate players that have been disenfranchised from the opportunity to securing the Bonus Mission Pack, simply based upon the way it was offered initially by ANET. This cannot be argued. Do you agree there are players who would like to secure the BMP; but do not have the opportunity because they do not have a credit card to purchase other products on your online store?

    Let’s remove the emotion from everyone’s discussion – and simply focus on what players are truly discussing in their communities. There are players who LOVE this GAME and want a way to gain access to the BMP but do not have a credit card.

    My own personal case is unique; I’ve used my card so often on the site that they will no longer use my card because I’ve purchased TOO MANY products. :) I only have one credit card – and I’m not about to get another one simply to secure the BMP. I’m not upset about it, frankly, but I’m listening to members in my community and they raise a legitimate concern. They want a way to secure the BMP – but they cannot for certain reasons.

    Can ANET offer the BMP in a PAYPAL method? And if it will generate revenue; offer a game-card for sale in stores at $30. Heck, if players will buy it – then it is additional proceeds for ANET. Our gaming community fully supports the need for NCSOFT and ANET to generate revenue. We expect nothing for free. But there is a reality here that at the moment, the approach of selling the BMP is limiting a sub-class of existing players access to securing the product.

    My comments are not intended to attack or belittle or place anyone on the defensive. I am simply voicing the concern I am hearing from some members of my community who feel left out and are hoping for an opportunity to be included. My comments may not bring about change here – but I am committed to representing the concerns of my community for the betterment of their game play in Guild Wars. Can another way be offered to sell the BMP besides credit card?

    Signed – a DEVOTED and COMMITTED community leader.

    – Mark (Araliuns Sun)

  18. I really do believe that this bonus pack should be able to be purchased from store shelves. It is unfair for people who don’t have credit cards. I want this pack but it’s not on store shelves, so I can’t buy it. I would be willing to lay down 20 dollars for this pack. Maybe more if it was on store shelves. So could the people at ArenaNet please find it in their hearts to make a boxed copy for people like me.

  19. Sable, just go to a Kroger or Wal-Mart and pick up a Green Dot VISA card. You just put the amount of money you want on it and use it like a normal credit card. Problem solved.


  20. Hmmm… Deric Delong… you might be on to something here. However, the BMP is no longer available. :o

  21. Yeah, unfortunately. I posted that little tidbit as an answer to the “I don’t have a CC” that keeps popping up. I also noticed that the PVP packs are not on the store now either.


  22. Uhhhh I screwed up my in game store cause I accidently linked it to a fake NCsoft account, which I dont know what it was… ’cause it was something like fkhilfhebfiebhfiebh. So I’m screwed for store anyway, Deric.

  23. I, Zypheres Detarlgo, Officer of the Umbra Crux Guild, hereby sign this petition in hopes to make the Bonus Pack publicly availble to those whom have already purchased the required amount to qualify for the package, regardless of purchase dates.

  24. I, Kumori Shinpi, leader of the Umbra Crux guild believes that the BMP should be accessible to all players in one way or another. Every player should have an equal opportunity to enjoy ANET’s material.

    For my personal story, I was out of luck with the BMP promotion offer simply because I have bought all the PvP Editions and the Prophecies Game of the Year Upgrade BEFORE the promotion started. (Meaning overall I have spent ~$125 in the online store.) I have also bought all the campaigns before the promotion. As for EotN, I had it pre-ordered in a retail store, and I felt more secure having a box in my hands to add to my collection. Having bought all of what I had said left nothing for me to buy in the online store other than character slots..which I don’t need.

    Here is an idea: Try having the BMP available in the Guild Wars In-game Store as an upgrade, similar to the Prophecies Game of the Year upgrade. For players whom are unable to do online transactions, a cheap medium could be used, such as scratch-off cards made available in retail stores.

    Signed by a devoted and enthusiastic player.
    ~ Kumori Shinpi

  25. I am still talking to marketing about this. There will not be a give-away — there is no way to justify that. But making the BMP available via other means may be possible. But those other means might still require a credit card, and for that, I’m sorry, but there are a lot of realities to deal with here, along with frustrating delays in getting more means to pay.

    I’ll keep everyone posted, or we’ll make an announcement, that sort of thing. I do want you to know that I strongly believe the Bonus Mission Pack SHOULD be available via other means, especially since we closed the option to purchase the PvP Packs a few weeks ago, meaning that some folks were out of luck (as mentioned above).

    BTW, I note that Photics rescinded his computations on the “economy” of hiring students to process checks. You’re right, Mike, hiring 60+ students just isn’t on. ;)

  26. I believe nobody is asking for a give-away, or having the BMP be sold for free for that matter.

    I strongly believe that if the BMP is made available as an upgrade similar to the Prophecies GotY upgrade, people that were disadvantaged online or were unable to fulfill the promo will come in hordes and purchase it.

    Please keep us up-to-date about this whole situation. We eagerly await hearing about the BMP being made available with other means. We also appreciate your communication with us. 8)

  27. Still require a credit card? That’s a crock. You did the so called “free trial” DVD for five bucks and made it buyable in stores. You can make this buyable in stores as well.

  28. Hey, why not just make it like the GOTY edition? that would make two vary hot items.

    And the mission pack is alot more lovingly cared for and worked on then the GOTY extra’s and would get a HELL of a lot of buys. Mine for one!

    I would not only like to play those missions I would LOVE to play those missions. and I would pay a sum to do it. which is more then I can say for most games on the market.

  29. On november the 7th I also bought Guild Wars: Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North.

    I just noticed that I missed out on the BMP!!! I would also buy the BMP if it was avilable.

  30. I myself should be able to get the pack because I purchased on-line. Nevertheless as alliance leader I’ve heard there are players in my alliance wanting this mission bonus pack but not having a credit card (and feeling very unhappy about this).
    It would be a very good deed of ArenaNet to enable players, to get the mission bonus pack without having a credit card. The policy to give them this chance is up to ArenaNet (buy an unlock, give an unlock to customers who bought all chapters, whatever), but I think ArenaNet would do a very kind favor to them and to themselves by giving this possibility….

  31. The only thing that upset me is that I’d purchased all of the upgrades from the ingame store, owned all three games and had already pre-ordered GWEN so was ineligible for the bonus missions.

    I’d be happy to spend the money on purchasing the bonus mission pack as a stand alone thing as I couldn’t justify wasting the £17 on character slots I didn’t need. :(

    So come on ArenaNet! You’re missing out on the chance to buck your sales by making this add on availible to purchase in a fair way accessible to all.

  32. I Crimson Fog of the Royal Dragon Riders guild sign this petition in favor of an alternate method of accessing BMP. Although I have already secured my copy for myself, I believe it is only fair for the rest of the guildwars gaming community to be offered a method of gaining access to it. Even if it is as straight forward as putting a price tag on it and sticking it on store shelves.
    That aside, I see the BMP as a way for ArenaNet to generate as much revenue as it possibly can from players on the original Guild Wars before we move on to GW 2. As far as I know, there are many players who are holding out on purchasing Eye of the North simply because they feel that since nothing is directly transferable into GW 2, it is a waste to spend any more money on the original GW. Therefore, ArenaNet is using the BMP as an attraction to get that last group to spend money on the original GW fast, namely by purchasing eotn online.

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