Guild Wars Bonus Weekend – Lockpicks & Lucky Points

guild-wars-treasure-chest-thumbnailIf you went by the rating of Guild Wars titles, I’m an unlucky player. I already have two ranks in the unlucky title track, but I still haven’t reached the first rank in the lucky line. That means I’ve been breaking a lot of lockpicks. When the merchants sell them for 1500 gold each, that’s a lot of gold lost. Perhaps my situation will improve during this weekend’s event, where there will be extra lockpicks and double lucky/unlucky points from opening treasure chests. An event like this is a refreshing boost for title farmers – like me!

Here’s the official word from ArenaNet…

Triple key/lockpick drops and double your luck points. This weekend through Sunday at 11:59 PM Pacific (-7 GMT), you’ll find plenty of keys and lockpicks with the triple drop rate. Plus, you’ll get double lucky/unlucky points for using lockpicks on chests!