Guild Wars Emote List

There are plenty of ways to express yourself in Guild Wars. Although, you’ll need to know the commands. If you do not know all the emote commands, there’s no need to get emotional. has a Guild Wars emote list available for you.

/afk — (Your character sits down)
/agree — Tank agrees.
/attention — Tank comes to attention!
/beckon — Tank beckons.
/beg — Tank begs.
/boo — Tank scares you!
/bored — Tank is bored.
/bow — Tank bows.
/bowhead — Tank bows his head.
/catchbreath — Tank stops to catch his breath.
/clap — Tank claps.
/cheer — Tank cheers.
/congrats — Tank offers congratulations.
/dance — Tank starts dancing.
/doh — Tank smacks his head. Doh!
/doubletake — Tank does a double take.
/drum — Tank plays the drums.
/excited — Tank is excited.
/fame — (Get rank 3 to find out)
/fistshake — Tank shakes a fist angrily.
/flex — Tank flexes.
/flute — Tank plays the flute.
/goteam — Tank cheers wildly, “Go Team!”
/guitar — Tank plays a mean air guitar.
/help — Tank requests help!
/highfive — Tank says, “High Five!”
/jump — Tank jumps.
/kneel — Tank kneels.
/laugh — Tank laughs heartily.
/moan — Tank moans.
/no — Tank says, “No.”
/paper — (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
/pickme — Tank says, “Pick me!”
/point — Tank points.
/ponder — Tank ponders the situation.
/pout — Tank pouts.
/ready — Tank is ready for action!
/roar — Tank roars.
/rock — (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
/salute — Tank salutes.
/scratch — Tank scratches.
/shoo — Tank shoos you away.
/sigh — Tank sighs.
/sit — (activate /afk)
/scissors — (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
/sorry — Tank apologizes.
/stand — (deactivate /afk)
/taunt — Tank taunts you.
/violin — Tank plays the violin sadly.
/wave — Tank waves.
/yawn — Tank yawns.
/yes — Tank says, “Yes.”