How To Access The New Maps – Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack Now Available

The Bonus Mission Pack is now available. If you dropped $29 or more in the Guild Wars Online store, during the qualifying period, you should now have access to the special story tomes. Speak with Durmand [Historian] in any of the major Guild Wars cities – Lion’s Arch, Kaineng Center or Kamadan. With these special story books, you can relive important times of Guild Wars lore.

Accessing the new maps is fairly easy, if your account has been upgraded with the BMP content. Simply talk to the Durmand, the Historian. In Lion’s Arch, he’s standing near the water fountain. Click on him to start a dialog, then pick up the bonus mission books. They’re really neat…

Gwen's Story - Find out what happened to a lost child of Ascalon.
Find out what happened to a lost child of Ascalon.

With these special tomes, you can play as four popular characters from Guild Wars. Don’t worry about skills or weapons, you’ll get what you need from the stories themselves.