Nicholas The Traveler – Decayed Orr Emblems

This week’s scavenger hunt was a refreshing change. It was easy! It was a battle against the undead in the lands of Kryta. That’s a low-level area, with monster levels in the teens. These dark creatures are highly vulnerable to fire. It’s also an occassion where a smite Monk can truly shine, with their damage bonus against the undead! The action starts at Bergen Hot Springs, traveling through Nebo Terrace, to the Cursed Lands. Just wipe out some undead hordes, collect 15 Decayed Orr Emblems, and then see Nicholas The Traveler for your prize.

Here’s the official text…

I’ve been corresponding with Durmand quite frequently of late. It’s clear to both of us that if we can understand the mysteries of our past, we can gain perspective on the present and possibly predict our future. Currently, Durmand’s interest lies in Decayed Orr Emblems, which he theorizes having some bearing on Kryta’s future. Their tattered state makes them hard to researchm so he’s asked me to procure 3 more of them. What do you say? Feeling archaeological?

I think it’s important to emphasize how easy this week’s quest can be. For a large portion of the adventure, my equipped weapon was a pair of brass knuckles. I didn’t even realize it. I was wondering why my Fire Elementalist was running into the fray, not battling from a safe distance. I looked at the character screen to realize that this wasn’t Dwaven Boxing. Most of the damage was coming from my fire spells, so I wasn’t too concerned. I was tempted to leave the brass knuckles on, but I decided to use an appropriate weapon. That’s how easy it was. I was almost too lazy to switch to my fire wand, but it didn’t really matter.

The Map!

I’m surprised that it wasn’t even 25 Decayed Orr Emblems. Considering the insane farming times required for previous weeks, the lack difficulty was unexpected. I’m not complaining. Considering the reward for this mission, it shouldn’t be that hard. Nicholas distributed his usual assortment of junk loot.

  • 10 Sparklers
  • 10 Hunter’s Ales
  • 10 Aged Hunter’s Ales
  • 10 Aged Hunter’s Ales
  • 5 Crates of Fireworks

I went with Fire Magic and I brought along Ogden Stonehealer for medical support. With two Ranger pets thrown into the mix, the enemies threat was controlled. If you’ve been grumpy with the difficulty of recent traveler quests, this week might be a refreshing change for you.