Nicholas The Traveler – Feathered Caromi Scalps

The weekly scavenger hunt continues. This time, Nicholas the Traveler is at the Ascalon Settlement. That’s in the North Kryta Province. It’s a mid-level territory, so the April 5, 2010 challenge is not so challenging. I like that. It’s refreshing. In about an hour, I had this one wrapped up. If found previous quests from Nicholas to be highly tedious, this week’s run might be more fun for you.  After the Easter festivities, both in game and out, one might opt to enjoy the Spring weather. While ArenaNet is a West Coast company, this East Coast gamer is going to enjoy the extra time to go outside… sans laptop.

OK, so I can go enjoy the sunshine, I’ll wrap this one up quick. Here’s what Nicholas Says…

Greetings, friend. All these refugees remind me of when I left my home so many years ago. I know they had to leave all their amenities behind, but maybe I can make their lives a little nicer by turning the feathers from Feathered Caromi Scalps into pillows. If you had 3, I could gather enough material for a very comfortable cushion.

For those of you wondering if Nicholas is truly a friend or foe, I think this week’s quest pushes things towards the foe side. Who want’s a pillow made from dead bird men? YUCK! I quickly looted 50 feathers on this run, but Nicholas doesn’t want those. No… he wants… BRAINS… err… scalps. It seems the hard times continue for the poor Ascalonian people. No Tempur-Pedic pillows for these humans. No, enjoy the dried skins of a vicious race. As you sleep, try not to dream of the hostile enemies. Just outside the reach of your camp, they wait for their revenge.

If you’re wondering where to start this adventure, I recommend two locations. You could start at D’Alessio Seaboard or you could start at Lion’s Arch.

This map shows where to hunt for Feathered Caromi Scalps and where to find Nicholas The Traveler.

And as usual, the loot was lackluster…

  • 5 Red Rock Candies
  • 5 Mysterious Summoning Stones
  • 5 Mysterious Summoning Stones
  • 5 Red Rock Candies
  • 5 Mercantile Summoning Stones

Well, I’m disappointed because it’s been almost a year and I still haven’t gotten my miniature Gwen doll. Although, I probably shouldn’t neglect the significance of Red Rock Candy. That’s a pretty good bonus item. I’m wondering ArenaNet chose this location on purpose. There seems to be some buzzing about the White Mantle and the Shining Blade. Perhaps this is part of the build-up for the fifth anniversary of Guild Wars, which is less than four weeks away.