Nicholas the Traveler – Week 29 – Tempered Glass Vials

week-29-traveler-thumbnailSome deep thinking filled my head this morning. I was staring at an empty glass jar of Petite Dill Pickles. The delicious contents were consumed. Only the container remained. In the modern era, it is nothing more than trash. Yet, I thought about earlier times. A glass bottle like this might be more valuable to pre-industrial civilizations. I couldn’t understand my fascination. Why did I care about this today? I’m thinking that I must have some psychic link with ArenaNet. Nicholas wanted Tempered Glass Vials for this week’s Guild Wars scavenger hunt.

This week’s item is rare crafting material. That means it can be purchased from Rare Material traders. That’s when I decided to visit my good buddy “Reinard” in Gunnar’s Hold.

Reinard is a paranoid fellow. He often starts conversations with the words, "Who sent you?!"

To max out this week’s mission, you’ll need 25 Tempered Glass Vials. I picked up 50 to test a theory on the Guild Wars economy. I’m figuring that Tempered Glass Vials will become more rare as the week progresses. If I remember correctly, the price for one was 260 gold. Quickly, I drove the price up to 270. So 25 x 270 = 6,750 gold. Maybe later in the week I’ll make a quick profit. Is there such a think as “Supply & Demand” in Tyria?

Supply and demand, like at Costco Wholesale.

After loading up on Tempered Glass Vials, I wandered off into the wilderness. I’m not too familiar with the Kurzick area of Cantha, but that’s where I had to go. Closest outpost I had was Vasbur Armory. I struggled through Morostav Trail to get to the Durheim Archives. It wasn’t pretty. The monsters were pretty tough. I was wrong when I thought that this week would be a quick run. Even though I didn’t have to farm for the quest item, level 20+ monsters blocked my path.

It's a quick run if you already unlocked the Durheim Archives outpost. Otherwise, you'll have to chop your way through the dark forests of Cantha.
It's a quick run if you already unlocked the Durheim Archives outpost. Otherwise, you'll have to chop your way through the dark forests of Cantha.

Nicholas was hanging out by the waterfall. After all of the effort, I wasn’t too impressed with this week’s loot. Apparently, I’m supposed to be working harder on my party animal title. I received 5 Green Rock Candies, 10 Sparklers and 30 Champagne Poppers… THIRTY… that’s nuts. It took me about an hour to get this loot and it took like 20 seconds to use it up.

Like wow... I'm a party animal! :-P
Like wow... I'm a party animal!

It was still a good run though. It was a new adventure in a game that I bought over three years ago. But unfortunately, my theory on the Guild Wars economy hasn’t worked out well so far. Tempered Glass Vials are down 50 gold. At last check, it was only 210 gold for one vial.

2 thoughts on “Nicholas the Traveler – Week 29 – Tempered Glass Vials”

  1. Fireworks! Woo!
    I think this is half the reason I lost interest in guildwars.. all rewards are experience and gold.. i have more than enough of both.

    If there were material, persistent and publicly visible trophies, ie special weapons and armor i could show off to signify my accomplishments I would probably still be playing.. but i find xp, gold and throw away items like fireworks immaterial. These things do not inspire me to go on quests. I hope they give more attention to the side quests of guildwars 2 as i find their current offering uninspired. Fun trophies similar to the dragon sword would go a long way to making these quests more interesting and worthwhile.

    Quick example: The pumpkin king has been attacking the Lion’s Arch locals. It is rumored he has a lair in the east, hunt him down and put an end to his tyrrany. Quest reward: Head of the Pumpkin King (mask)

  2. Well, the prize of this quest may not have seemed so rewarding. (No Gwen doll yet!) However, I found it entertaining. Plus, it’s part of a larger mission. This makes title farming much easier and it breaks up the monotony of punching dwarves. It fits with my master plan… to build up my character in the original so that I seem stronger in the sequel. If I’m stronger, people will be more likely to follow me. If people follow me, I’ll have a more successful guild. If I have a successful guild, I’ll more likely have a successful fansite. I’m planning to build the best Guild Wars fansite of all, so that means I have to be strong in the game.

    If you do feel like playing Guild Wars again, you know how to find me :-)

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