TANK – Is He The One?

It starts with good intentions. I don’t create a character and think, “Hey there TANK. I’m going to delete you when you hit level 8.” No, I play with the plan of winning. I imagine that my characters will be victorious, not a waste of a character slot. Yet, I know that not all of my characters survive. More often than not, I end up deleting them.

This time, something felt different. TANK seemed stronger than before. How could that be? He was only level 11. He was wearing the same armor. He was using the same attacks. Yet, this time around, it felt that I was in better shape to complete the Survivor title track.

I was feeling optimistic, but I was starting to get bored. I don’t want to follow Rurik. I don’t enjoy the Guild Wars storyline. After completing some quests near Yak’s Bend, I decided to try something different. Why stop at the Gates of Kryta? Why not just skip all the way to Lion’s Arch?

Does M.O.X. notice that this revision of TANK seems different too?
Does M.O.X. notice that this revision of TANK seems different too? :)

It was an excellent decision. While I had to be careful about monsters on the path, picking up level 10 Henchmen at the Gates of Kryta made it easier. Once I was outside Lion’s Arch, I could get my first hero – M.O.X.

Yet, it was about to get even better for TANK.

Journey to the North
Don’t stop believing. As you journey to the North, what you lack in experience will be made up for by your courage.

With a buff that turns TANK into a level 20 character, I knew that it should be an easy task to complete the first tier of the Survivor title track. Without too much effort, TANK hit level 14 – the highest I’ve ever been without losing the Survivor title.

Yet, in doing so, I would discover a difficult choice.