The Crusaders Scandal…

Henchy – He groped me. It was clear that I would never be respected as a fighter. To TANK, I was nothing more than a play thing. I was a trophy to feed his ego. That’s when I left. I hope other henchmen follow my lead. We don’t deserve to be mistreated like this.

TANK caught in a scandal with a Monk.

Photics – What are you doing now to make ends meet?

Henchy – I hunt Charr for steel. It’s a very lucrative business.

Photics – Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Henchy – Thanks for having me.

(TANK was not available for comment)

The purpose of this rather unorthodox article is not to make light of a serious issue. Sexual harassment is a very real problem. That’s exactly the point. The purpose of this article is to illustrate how real world issues can collide with a fantasy game. Have the new emotes created a Pandora’s box of rude behavior? Do you want to see a Warrior gyrating his pelvis like that? Can you be sexually harassed in an MMORPG?

I’m not personally offended by some of the new emotes, but I do find some of them out of place. I can see a Mesmer doing a jig, but I don’t think some of the other dance emotes fall into character. More importantly, should ArenaNet be concerned how mischievous behavior can result from the current environment? It doesn’t take a social engineer to figure out what happens when you combine an underwear donning female Elementalist with a thrusting Warrior.

I wrote this article to present the issue to the community. How does the rest of the Guild Wars community feel about the emotes? Do you think emotes should be censored, to discourage sexual connotations, or should they be left as is? Have you ever felt uncomfortable when other players flagrantly used the emotes for deviant means?

All else aside… while I love the new emotes, TANK just can’t dance. Perhaps this is an inside joke from ArenaNet, to take a shot at the dance emotes from other MMORPGs? This is beta after all, and ArenaNet is known for making jokes. So… how do you think the Guild Wars emotes compare to other MMORPGs?

3 thoughts on “The Crusaders Scandal…”

  1. To put it bluntly, Yes. During BWE I had one warrior following me around and doing his dance in my characters face. I had to leave the zone to get him to leave me along. Going ignore wouldn’t help since it was visual.

  2. Hehe, I saw this article and laughed out loud, as I’d been doing this exact thing (miming inappropriate acts on random females with the emotes) for the entire beta weekend. :P I found it rather funny, and most of the female characters I did it to didn’t seem offended. They usually just got up and used the “shoo” emote on me, lol. A couple of them even laughed and began playing along.

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