The Crusaders Scandal…

The Guildmaster of The Crusaders has been accused of sexual harassment. In this exclusive interview, we have a first hand account of the alleged incident. Joining us today is a Monk Henchman, who was in the service of The Crusaders.

Photics – Henchy, can you tell us your story? How did all of this start happening?

Henchy – It wasn’t always so bad in The Crusaders. We used to all be level 15. That’s when they needed me. Whenever the Guild Hall needed to be defended against invaders, I’d always be called upon. My healing abilities were greatly appreciated.

Photics – When did things start to change?

Henchy – The Crusaders started open admissions. Everyone joining the guild was a Monk. It was Monk/Warrior, Warrior/Monk, I just wasn’t needed anymore. Plus, everyone was a higher level than me. I just couldn’t get any higher than level 15, but I was expected to fight against level 20’s. It was very painful.

Photics – Then what happened?

Henchy – That’s when I started getting neglected. I just wasn’t appreciated in the guild any longer. The other henchmen were simply ignored, because they are men. Me, it was bad for me. Because I’m attractive, I caught the eye of TANK.

Photics – He’s the Guildleader of The Crusaders, yes?

Tank and Monk Henchy at The Crusaders Guild Hall

Henchy – He is. First he’d start with unprofessional comments, “How about you and me meet in a more private district?” I tried to discourage him, but it just wouldn’t stop. He started getting rude and vulgar. He’s a horrible dancer. It’s very offensive.

Photics – Why did you stay there?

Henchy – I needed the money. The Crusaders is a wealthy guild. I wanted to leave the guild, but I felt it would be the same story anywhere else. The mistreatment of henchmen is widespread. I thought it was something I could endure, or just ignore, but then then he crossed the line.

Photics – What happened? What did he do?

3 thoughts on “The Crusaders Scandal…”

  1. To put it bluntly, Yes. During BWE I had one warrior following me around and doing his dance in my characters face. I had to leave the zone to get him to leave me along. Going ignore wouldn’t help since it was visual.

  2. Hehe, I saw this article and laughed out loud, as I’d been doing this exact thing (miming inappropriate acts on random females with the emotes) for the entire beta weekend. :P I found it rather funny, and most of the female characters I did it to didn’t seem offended. They usually just got up and used the “shoo” emote on me, lol. A couple of them even laughed and began playing along.

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