The Spoils of Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Are you having a good day off? I’m using this time to work on the site. But before I dive heavily into XNA game development, I thought that I’d share with you the spoils of Christmas! Plenty of businesses depends heavily on holiday sales. A good shopping / spending season is a way to judge the strength of the economy. I know that I spent WAY more than I usually do.

Fortunately, I got some neat gifts in return. Here’s a picture of two…

Snowbot stands on a G15 Keyboard
That’s Snowbot, standing on top of my Logitech G15 keyboard

I wasn’t expecting this holiday ornament, but it matches my keyboard rather nicely! It actually makes a robot sound, you can change the color of the LED to red and you can control the speed of the LED movement.

Anyone have any interesting holiday stories? Did you get good loot this year?! :D