The Zboard Review – With Guild Wars: Factions Keyset

If there is any doubt the Zboard is designed for fun, just look at the emote features on the Guild Wars keyset. You can Bow, Dance, Laugh or Wave with a touch of a button. Simply press the “Emotes” button to toggle your F-keys into emote mode. Then, you can get emotional. Other players might think you’re having a nervous breakdown with how fast you can crank out emotes.

The Guild Wars Zboard keyset folds up for easier storage.
The Guild Wars Zboard keyset folds up for easier storage.

The Zboard is also superior for taking Guild Wars screenshots. Some players do not know that the Print Screen button takes a Guild Wars screenshot. The Guild Wars keyset simply relabeled that button to “Screen Shot”. Using the Shift Key in combination with the Screenshot button, you can take a “Clean Screeshot”. The Zboard is labeled to indicate the difference. Yet, the “Toggle UI” button is what impressed me. Most players do not know about the “CONTROL” + “SHIFT” + “H” command. That combination of keys will hide the Guild Wars user-interface. With the Zboard, you don’t have to remember that abstract command. You can just hit the dedicated Zboard button. It is a beautiful thing.

Now for the bad news :(

There are some things that I would change about the Guild Wars Keyset. For one, I would make the letter keys concave in shape. I like the keys to hug my fingertips as I type. Slightly grooved keys increase my typing accuracy and my typing speed. At first, I thought the keys were purposely flat. Maybe it was a design choice. Maybe the Zboard needs to fold up a certain way? I don’t think so, the keys specifically added for Guild Wars are grooved.