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Widgets is a collection of digital gadgets, designed to inform, entertain and assist you. Enjoy two different types of widgets in one powerful app!

A tutorial for the Widgets app is available on Photics.TV (YouTube).

19 widgets are in the main “Widgets” app.

Audio Player — Quickly and easily play your local iTunes music files. Available metadata (album cover, song title, album name and artist) is shown for the song that is being played. Just press the “Play” button to shuffle and play all of the available songs.

Bible — Look up verses in the “King James” or “Catholic Public Domain” versions of the bible.

Calculator — Make short work of basic arithmetic with this handy widget. 12 Scientific Calculator buttons are included too!

Calendar — Get a quick glance at the days of the month. This widget is helpful to know the upcoming days of the week.

Clock — This widget displays the current time in a traditional fashion. This is great for running Widgets in Full-Screen mode, when the menu bar clock is not always visible.

Contacts — This widget displays an alphabetized list of contacts available on your computer. Each item can expand to reveal contact data, such as email, phone or postal address.

Counter — This widget has three modes. The “Stopwatch” mode is for tracking the passage of time. The “Tally” mode is for counting by increments of one. The “Countdown” mode is a timer. See “Countdown to a New Widget” for more information.

Dictionary — This widget allows you to quickly search a large English lexicon of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

Elements — Searchable data about the chemical elements

Quick Calculator — A “Second Calculator” mode for showing recent history or the “Quick: Percentage” mode to make that math easy.

Reminders — Quickly view iCloud reminders.

System Stats — This widget displays information about your computer, such as Thermal State (Is your computer too warm?), Storage Space and Uptime. Press the widget title to reveal other stats, such as the user name, number of processors, operating system version and total physical RAM.

Text-to-Speech — This widget uses your computer’s voices to read text aloud for you. Use the foreign language voices to speak text from different languages.

Thesaurus — Are you looking for synonyms to English words? This widget lets you quickly search over 140,000 terms.

Unit-Converter — Maybe one day the United States will switch to the Metric System. Until then, this widget can be used to quickly translate the values from the American System to the Metric System – or vise-versa!

Weather — Get your local USA weather forecast, with up-to-date information from weather.gov. In addition to customized icons that display the upcoming conditions, textual descriptions of the weather are included too.

Web — Three Developer Tools: Color, Base64, and KEEN (Mini)

World Clock — Immediately see the time from major cities across the globe. 2-6 clocks can be displayed, with 46 cities to choose from. (Anchorage, Athens, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Baghdad, Bangkok, Casablanca, Chicago, Christmas, Copenhagen, Denver, Dubai, Dublin, Easter, Edmonton, Fiji, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Iqaluit, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Kolkata, London, Los Angeles, Manila, Mexico City, Moscow, New York, Paris, Perth, Phoenix, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Rome, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Wake, Warsaw, Winnipeg, Zürich)

GAME: Slide Puzzle — This game was first popular in the 80s… the 1880s… but it’s still fun today

The Widgets app respects your privacy. The Weather widget asks for your zip code to get an approximate location, in order to find the nearest weather station. Photics doesn’t collect this information. However, the Weather widget will create a connection to api.weather.gov. For more information on their privacy policy, see https://www.weather.gov/privacy. The general goal is to allow the widgets to work offline. But some cool widgets, like Weather, simply require Internet access.

The app is also ridiculously responsive. The idea is to maximize space. If you want to squish the app off to the side, the app is fine with that. Each Widget is designed to fit in a 200×200 square. But if more space is available, many of the widgets will stretch out to maximize the available area. This shapeshifting design makes Widgets more versatile.

Current Widgets

  1. Audio Player
  2. Bible
  3. Calculator
  4. Calendar
  5. Clock
  6. Contacts
  7. Counter (Stopwatch, Tally, Countdown)
  8. Dictionary
  9. Elements
  10. Quick Calculator
  11. Reminders
  12. System Stats
  13. Text-to-Speech
  14. Thesaurus
  15. Unit-Converter
  16. Weather
  17. Web (Color, Base64, and KEEN Mini)
  18. World Clock
  19. GAME: Slide Puzzle

Notification Center Widgets

  1. Daily Message
  2. Grid Calendar
  3. Periodic Table
  4. System Stats

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Under Consideration
While future development is not guaranteed, this is a list of widgets that are under consideration.