Technical Issues

If you want to report a technical issue, even if it’s already listed on this page, you can use the Contact Form to send a message.

App crashes on startup – If you have a lot of contacts, this is likely a crash related to the “Contacts” widget. It can’t handle thousands of contacts. A fix is in development. Meanwhile, you can disable the widget by unchecking the “Widgets” app listing in – System Preferences ▸ Security & Privacy ▸ Privacy (tab) ▸ Contacts

Where are the settings?! – There’s an icon at the top-left of the screen. Apparently, it’s too small and a lot of people didn’t notice it. The icon was enlarged and a hover effect was added. This feature is prepared for version 1.8 of the Widgets app.

Text-to-Speech doesn’t do anything – This issue is under investigation. The cause of the issue is unknown, as the issue hasn’t been duplicated. (The version 1.8 update might fix this problem, as the ability to select a “Voice” was added.)

Manage system voices at…
System Preferences ▸ Accessibility ▸ Speech ▸ System Voice

Why can’t I see six World Clocks? – The “Wide” width setting for the World Clock isn’t working as intended. When the “Wide” setting is selected, the clock is to expand to 400 pixels – if the space is available. It’s not doing that though. This issue is affecting other widgets too. A fix is included in version 1.8 of the Widgets app.