Wintersday 2008 – Happy New Year From Tyria!

It’s something of a New Year’s Day tradition. I’ll wake up on the first day of January, I’ll log into Guild Wars, stand around for a moment and then I’ll get a new hat. Wintersday is not as impressive as it used to be. That’s to be understandable. I’ve been playing Guild Wars since February 2004. It’s time for a sequel!

As I stood in Lion’s Arch, I began to think about Guild Wars 2. This is the year is supposed to bring a big upgrade to the franchise. ArenaNet has been known to make important announcements in January. I wonder what’s going to happen when the holiday is over. When will the beta start? Will there be new screenshots?

For now, I only have this screenshot to share with you :P

Guild Wars Wreath Crown - Wintersday 2008.
Here’s a picture of the Wreath Crown – A Wintersday Festival Hat. It looks weird on male characters. You can almost hear the snowman say, “WTF?!”

There seems to be some grumbling in the community about the design of the new Wintersday hats. I really don’t worry about it anymore. Do I really need another hat? However, Wintersday did put me in a festive mood.

For those of you in The Crusaders, I unlocked three more NPCs. The Guild Emblemer, Canthan Ambassador and Festival Hat Keeper NPCs were added to the Guild Hall. It cost 30 platinum to unlock those NPCs, but I figured it was a nice way to celebrate the holiday. The Guild Hall is perfect once again. All of the NPCs are unlocked.

2008 is a big year for the Guild Wars franchise. It’s a good thing too. I’m completely burned out on the original Guild Wars series.

3 thoughts on “Wintersday 2008 – Happy New Year From Tyria!”

  1. haha, that’s an odd looking hat. What kind of hat was Grenth giving away?

    I wonder if they’ll be able to fix the problems of Guild Wars in Guild Wars 2? I always feel so isolated when I’m playing GW, which is most of the reason why I don’t play anymore :/

  2. I, for once, was very happy to find out that although I had to leave my computer for the two main festivity weeks (I had to see my family abroad), I could still get the hats from the festival hat crafter.

    Thanks ArenaNet for remembering the poor guys who didn’t get a chance to take part in the festival.

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