A New Year – A New Beginning For A Guild Wars Survivor

On New Year’s Day 2009, I restarted TANK. The plan is simple – collect as many titles as possible before Guild Wars 2 launches. While the goal is clear, success will not be easy. My first goal is to obtain the maxed out survivor title.

From the very beginning, a difficult choice is to be made – Survivor or Defender. Despite researching the matter, I could not find a way to get the Defender of Ascalon title while staying a Survivor. ArenaNet has left “Death Leveling” as part of the game, but I do not support it. Killing yourself over and over again is not something to be rewarded. Instead, I left the beginning area at level 7.

Once past the searing, I had access to my account vault. Some gold and items from my main character were put to good use. I’m not messing around. I grabbed the best armor that I could and I used some rare bonus items…

My strategy: Overwhelming Force
My strategy: Overwhelming Force

I’m still watching out for my explorer title, so I’m trying to keep my character a low enough level to enter the beginner arenas. That means battling through the missions. I’ve been playing these maps since 2004. I should be able to do it. Yet, it only takes one bad event to ruin a good thing.

The Ascalonians weren’t able to defend the wall. Just one failure and their city was destroyed. The same is true for TANK. Just one failure on the road to the maxxed out survivor title and this character is deleted.