Success – My Android Application Is Working (almost)

My project started with an idea. What if I could sell my book through the Android Market? What if millions of people all over the world wanted to read my stories from their mobile phone? My imagination was filled with visions of victory. It was an awesome dream… and it’s starting to come true.

Normally, I’m skeptical person. But when I see something awesome, I become a huge optimist. When I started my project, I believed that Android was something great. Yet, why did I trust Google so quickly? Would Android enable me “to easily create great mobile applications” …as stated on the official website?

Yes, it’s true!

Today, I broke through a major barrier. I’m starting to figure out how Android and Eclipse works. Considering that I’m more of publisher than a developer, I was surprised to see my application running on the Android Emulator.

This whole tree thing confused me at first.

Eclipse is great software. It highlighted my errors and it often offered useful suggestions. I got stuck at least twice. In both of those times, I simply did a Google search with the error text in quotes. It seems that every problem that I had with Eclipse, someone had it before me. All I needed to do was stay determined and do some reading. It was a good feeling to press that “run” button without seeing an error…

Android Launch!
adb is running normally.
Launching: com.photics.revisions.PhoticsRevisions
Automatic Target Mode: launching new emulator.
Launching a new emulator.
New emulator found: emulator-5554
Waiting for HOME ('android.process.acore') to be launched...
HOME is up on device 'emulator-5554'
Uploading Photics-Revisions.apk onto device 'emulator-5554'
Installing Photics-Revisions.apk...

As I reviewed the log file, one word stood out from the rest – SUCCESS!

2 thoughts on “Success – My Android Application Is Working (almost)”

  1. Hey. I just wanted to stop to let you know how much I love your book. Ive been reading it for sometime now as its been mainly kept as “read before sleep” book. I love the way its been making me feel, the excitement, the new ideas and concepts. Its all just really great to me. I am one who can read on the internet all day and night in forums learning new hobbies, but when it comes to books I rarely find one that has my consistent attention most every night since I started middle last week. I am only about halfway through (on the free version) and as soon as im done typing this here im going to buy the full version because it is definitely worth more than the price! Thank you for writing this awesome book and for making it so accessible to me on the android platform.
    If you have any other storys, simliar to this or a continous I would really like to know or read some, I suggest if you have more you can release others on the android as I sure you would have a great following.

    Thank you

    Noel Barcellos

  2. I was alot closer to the end then I thought I was, I got reeled back in when I purchased it and realized I was in the last section. I thought it was Great! I hope to see more elementals. Thank you again.

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