ArenaNet is Hiring An International Project Manager

disciplined-stance-thumbnailRight now, I’m outside the reach of ArenaNet’s Non-Disclosure Agreement. That means if I¬†uncover secret information about Guild Wars 2, through ethical means, I can post it here. I’m planning watch ArenaNet, and to figure out what they’re up to. At some point,¬†maybe they’ll invite me into the beta just to keep me quiet.¬†ArenaNet / NCsoft¬†is a growing company, with lots of secrets. Eventually, someone will slip up and information will leak. You just have to know where to look. A good source of inside information is available through their job postings.

Even in this tough economy, ArenaNet is hiring. That shows the strength of the company.¬†This is¬†a good sign. If there was a hiring freeze, one could start to wonder if the sequel would ever be published.¬†Also, by looking at who’s being hired, one can get a better understanding for the direction of the company.¬†Here’s the latest posting…

International Project Manager

Location: Bellevue

Description – ArenaNet is seeking to hire an International Project Manager for a job opening on the International Product Team. The primary function of the International Project Manager is to manage and coordinate international projects for the ArenaNet Business team and to act as a primary contact for Asian partners. Other areas of responsibility include managing product localization, market research and data analysis.

Requirements and qualifications:

  • Strong project management skills
  • Experience with localization project management, tools and processes
  • Fluency in Korean, native English language skills and familiarity with one or more European languages a plus (German, French or Spanish)
  • Ability to perform occasional translation, interpretation or editorial services
  • Passionate MMO and/or console gamer
  • Experience performing market research and data analysis
  • Technical/computer skills
    • MS Office, Project, Visio
    • Source control tools
    • DOS, Win 98/XP/Vista in multiple languages
    • Markup languages (XML, HTML, CSS)
    • FTP, file management
    • Translation memory tools
    • Technically savvy, hands-on¬† experience with development a plus (eg. XLS macros, scripting languages, Perl, VBA, SQL or C++)

Since I don’t speak Korean, and I’m a New Yorker, the global community doesn’t have to fear from competition from me. However, I would like Arena to hire the best talent possible. This post has a dual purpose. Do you know someone who would make a great International Project Manager? You might want to send them to to see if this job is still available.

If not, maybe we can speculate. Why would DOS and Perl be listed? Clearly they’re a Windows shop.What’s an XLS macro? Why are these skills important to ArenaNet? This is only a piece of the puzzle. Something’s going on in Bellevue and ArenaNet’s not talking… yet!

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  1. This is a clue… A clue to a mysterious puzzle… Weren’t they hiring a VOiP manager last year or something?

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