Guild Wars Presents – Wintersday in July (2009)

wintersday-thumbnailThis Spring/Summer, in New York City, was unusually cold and squishy. There was a lot of rain and below average temperatures. Is the planet’s thermostat broken? While the debate on global warming heats up in the real world, the world of Guild Wars is definitely about to cool off. ArenaNet is celebrating Wintersday in July – THIS WEEKEND! For those of you not familiar with Guild Wars lore, that’s basically the Tyrian equivalent of Christmas. So if you’re feeling festive, the party starts Friday, July 17.

Here’s the official message from ArenaNet…

Join us for Wintersday in July!

As summer heats up, don’t miss the chance to chill out at our Wintersday in July celebration! The festivities start at noon PST on Friday, July 17 and last until 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, July 19.

If you’re ready to test your cold-weather combat skills and earn the chance to walk away with fabulous Wintersday prizes, you’re ready for the reopened Snowball Arena. Talk to a Wintersday Priest in Ascalon City, Droknar’s Forge, the Great Temple of Balthazar, Kamadan, or Lion’s Arch to be transported to the arena.

Battle other players to earn Candy Cane Shards, and then trade them in for special Wintersday Gifts from the Wintersday Gift Givers in the Snowball Arena outpost.

Wintersday in July packs a whole season’s worth of fun into a single weekend, so zip up your parka, strap on your snowshoes, and join the celebration!