Alliance Battles Bonus Weekend – Guild Wars Gets Civilized

Every once in a while, ArenaNet throws a weekend event that just shouldn’t be missed. This is one of those weekends. Here’s the official word, “Participate in Alliance Battles this weekend to earn double faction. This bonus will last through 11:59 PM Pacific (-7 GMT) on Sunday, September 30.” Sure enough, I did participate. I joined my fellow Luxons and fought against the Kurzicks. Ahhh, the bonus has been just great. I unlocked a ton of skills and I maxed out my Luxon Faction bar three times.

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Halo 3 – Not For Me? (Will Photics "Finish The Fight")

So tonight’s the big night. The official Halo 3 launch date is upon us. Will I be in NYC tonight, waiting for my midnight hour copy of Bungie’s shooter? Nope, I’ll probably be in bed sleeping, or maybe I’ll be playing the original version of Halo on PC. It’s not that I don’t want play Halo 3, I do! It’s just that I don’t want to fall for the same trick twice.

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What is a Noob?! – Trash Talk in Guild Wars Hero Battles

I normally write rants that are directed at the Guild Wars developers, but this one is going out to a certain group of players. You know who you are. It basically goes like this, I don’t think the Guild Wars community understands the definition of the word “noob”. Even though I clearly explained what “noob” means, WAY BACK IN ISSUE #2, a lot of players seemed confused.

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Could Gwen Forgive The Charr?

Consider this rant a reiteration of my contempt towards the apparent shift in Guild Wars lore. I… HATE… CHARR! With a bold statement, I’ve drawn a line in the sand – I will not play Guild Wars 2 if the Charr are aligned with humans. I’m not kidding. I’ve already quit two MMORPGs for a similar reason. Yet, to prove that I’m not completely unreasonable, I’ve made two exceptions…

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Photics Team / Folding@Home

In the video game world, we fight as heroes. What if you could be a hero in real life, without having to do a lot of work? Here’s an opportunity to make that fantasy a reality. I started a Folding@home team for Stamford University is using distributed computing to better understand protein folding. This knowledge could lead to cures for Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Parkinson’s and other diseases.

It sounds technical, but setting it up is pretty easy.
Here’s how you join the Photics Team…

If you are interested in donating your computer’s idle time, quite possibility for the greater good of humanity, just download the software from the Stamford website… You can use a Mac, a PC or even a PS3. Once you have the software installed, you will be given the option to join a team. If you want to join the team, just put the number 60254 in the Team number field. Your stats will appear on the Team Page. If you have  a newer NVIDIA graphics card, with CUDA support, you might want to check out the high performance clients.


You’ll show up on the team page once you’ve successfully completed a Work Unit. Depending on the speed of the computer, and how long you leave your computer running, it could take a few days. I hardly notice the program running. It just puts a little icon in my system tray.

Folding@Home - Icon in System Tray

As I write this, the FahCore_78.exe is using as much as 98% of my CPU usage. (You can monitor CPU usage via the Windows Task Manager.) If I was doing something more processor intensive, like playing Guild Wars, the Folding software drops down. That’s because it’s set to Low Priority.

Folding@Home - Windows Task Manager (Running Guild Wars)
Windows Task Manager, while running the Folding sofware and Guild Wars.

Folding@Home - Windows Task Manager (Quitting Guild Wars)
Windows Task Manager, after quitting Guild Wars. The Folding@Home software was designed to be unintrusive. I can’t think of an easier way to help humanity.