Awesome Week For Apple

OS X Mavericks IconEarlier this week, I was a bit grumpy with Apple. I was beginning to wonder if the best days for the company were behind it. But wow, Apple had an impressive week. In my mind, it was a total turnaround for Apple. With the free upgrade to OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and a free upgrade to iWorks, Apple dealt a serious blow to Microsoft. This shows that Apple is still competitive and forward thinking. Meanwhile, I’m glad that I’ve been choosing Apple products over Google. That’s because Apple actually understands customer service.

Last Sunday, I was disappointed that Apple wasn’t going to issue a refund for the MacBook Air Flash Drive that failed. Why should a refund be denied because I did the repair myself? This bothered me so much that I decided to email Tim Cook directly. Corporate Executive Relations contacted me the next day! Today I learned that a refund for the repair is on the way. While this seems like a simple action, a lot of companies don’t go the extra distance to make customers happy. The experience dramatically improved my opinion of the company.

Apple gets it! They really do have excellent customer service. Unlike my horrible experience with Google, Apple was easy to approach. They had numbers to call. There was even a mechanism for managing special situations like the one on last Sunday.

So instead of wondering if I should switch my main desktop back to Windows, or move over to Ubuntu Linux, I’m actually looking forward to buying lots of new Apple products. This is not just for me, but as gifts for others! The new iPad Air looks sweet, while the iPad Mini finally has a retina display.

iWorks Icons - Pages, Keynote, NumbersFree software is nice, a refund from a recall is also nice, but this is not why I’m happy with Apple. The real happiness is that I don’t have to lump Apple together with Google and Microsoft. (Sorry Microsoft, I used to like you. But unfortunately, you lost my account.) Finally, a tech company didn’t disappoint me. When the moment of truth for Apple arrived, they shined — like new apps on the Launchpad in Mavericks.

Apple’s recent actions makes it easy to talk to my friends and colleague about the company.
And lately, I’ve been talking about Apple a lot. :lol: