Battalion Wars 2 (BWii) Review

Lack of communication especially hurts Cooperative Mode. This online mode of play has great potential. But with no way to coordinate, it’s just not as fun as it could be. I understand that Nintendo wants a kid friend console, but the game you don’t play is the safest of all. Unless you have some buddies to trade Friend Codes with, and you set up some external means of communication, Cooperative Mode is basically a single player game – with a random human element. If you’re used to XBOX Live or MMORPGs, you’ll likely to be underwhelmed by BWii’s stringent online mode. I was especially frustrated by random disconnects with my opponent.

Graphics: The game is beautiful. While not the highest polygon count around, the game doesn’t need it. The cartoonish style, tempered by a gritty battleground look, gives BWii memorable and enjoyable visuals.

Sound: From the moment I turned the game on, I was impressed with the quality of the audio. The music is dramatic, but upbeat. The sound effects are well done too. While machine gun fire is repetitive by nature, it’s nice not wanting to play a game on mute. The sounds of combat didn’t grate my nerves.

Control: The Prologue and the first campaign plays like a nonstop tutorial. While it’s not hard to play Battalion Wars 2, there is a lot to learn. The success of your missions often depends on your ability to do many things at once. Some players might find this overwhelming. Yet, the use of the nunchuck and Wiimote is intuitive and logical.

Innovation: BWii is a sequel, so this is not exactly new ground. Yet, Battalion Wars 2 is one of the first online games for the Wii. Use of the Wiimote and nunchuck also adds a new way to control troops.

Playability: The game is lots of fun. I played so much that I started getting a little dizzy. Remember to take breaks while playing BWii, as the game is quite compelling. The only drawbacks are chatterbox NPCs and the unskipable parts. Online play could have been much more entertaining if the Wii truly took advantage of online gaming. Trading Friend Codes adds a cumbersome element to playing with friends. It’s not that tedious, but it’s enough to weaken the gaming experience.

The bottom line: Battalion Wars 2 is an excellent game. The Online play is somewhat crippled, but the single-player campaign is superb. The graphics are adorable and crisp, while the music and sound effects are flawless. I’m happy I bought it. Finally, my Wii is something more than a dedicated Wii Sports machine.

Photics Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
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  1. There is a communication system in co-op; check the manual and loading screen for that mode.

  2. There’s a way to send basic command messages to your co-op player. However, that’s no where near enough communication. The article states, “There is next to no communication with the other player.” The reason for the exception is because of cooperative mode. The co-op “Assist This Unit” or “Affirmative” doesn’t really count to me. There’s no way to have a true conversation.

    If you’re playing with a new player in Co-op, you can’t answer basic questions… How do I jump? How do I capture the flag? You’re a great player, but do you want to try a different map?

    The best is when someone declines a rematch. The game actually states, “Don’t take it personally.”

  3. I like your review and especially I like your site design. Nice and clean.

    I hope you have more polls and game reviews regularly

    Be sure to post on the IGN Wii board when you have new reviews up. At least until you have some kind of email newsletter thing going.

    I hope you do one for Fire Emblem which is coming out next week. Would also be nice if you could include some screenshots with some captions.

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