Bonus Mission Pack Drama Continues – The ArenaNet Love Letter

As a single guy, I do go on dates. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out. Most of the time, the women I meet are pretty understanding. But sometimes, they write really nasty letters. I’ve gotten some mean messages, but it doesn’t really bother me. It doesn’t compare to the fury of ArenaNet’s Community Relations Manager Gaile Gray.

Just read her responses to my friendly Bonus Mission Pack petition.

Photics, please don’t sing the ‘ArenaNet lied to us’ or the ‘ArenaNet is not holding to their original ideals’ songs, because that’s just nonsense.

It continues… :o

I am very disappointed in this. Frankly, I expected better thinking from you.

Wait, there’s more! :)

But stand back, think, and realize that this sort of request is unrealistic, short-sighted, and selfish.

Oooohhhh… drama! I was actually surprised to see Gaile use words like daggers. In the four years that I’ve been working with Gaile, we’ve had some pretty interesting debates. Most of these arguments were restricted to the developer forums or private email conversations. I don’t remember a time where Gaile lunged at me like that, not in a public setting.

I mean sure, game developers have insulted me before. I remember the time Mark Jacobs (EA Mythic) told me to have a cookie. Heh, so I know I can be a troublemaker. Yet, my intentions are good. I wasn’t trying to aggravate ArenaNet. I was trying to get things going, to bring forth a beneficial change for the game. It’s simple economics. The demand for the Bonus Mission Pack is substantial, but there’s a significant supply problem.

The BMP is no longer available. :(
Plus, you needed a credit card to get it. :mad:

Having already secured my copy, I don’t need an alternate means to purchase the BMP. Regardless, I decided to fight the good fight for the community. I take running a Guild Wars fansite very seriously. The ideas that are discussed here impact the happiness of millions of people. I felt that I could make a beneficial difference, so I decided to shake things up.

Once Gaile realized that I was trying to find an equitable solution to this problem, hostilities subsided. In fact, I’m proud to let you know that a huge step forward has been achieved…

I am still talking to marketing about this. There will not be a give-away – there is no way to justify that. But making the BMP available via other means may be possible.

The tide is starting to turn. I’m sure that ArenaNet can figure it out. The company that can create an MMORPG with no subscription fees can figure out another way to ship the BMP. At the very least, it seems very likely that the BMP will be available through the online store. We’ll just have to wait and see what ArenaNet does next. At least, if the BMP is available through the online store, players can figure out ways around the credit card issue. There would be hope.

But right now, it just doesn’t make sense for anyone. Players lose out on fun and ArenaNet loses out on money. :( is approaching the fourth year anniversary of being a Guild Wars fansite. The reason for the longevity is because of ArenaNet’s ability to do the right thing. They’re not quick to change. But when they do, it’s usually the right decision. They’ve gotten grumpy with me before, but it’s OK. I know they mean well and they should know the same about me.

We’re not out of this yet, so stay sharp! If you have comments, questions or ideas about this, you can use the comment system.

12 thoughts on “Bonus Mission Pack Drama Continues – The ArenaNet Love Letter”

  1. Hey, I have to agree, my dad was upset having to use his credit card. But he was paying me back. And I have to agree, you’re a troublemaker, I’m surprised ArenaNet even still counts you as a fansite and not a grumpsite yet. Heh heh. :p

  2. “ is approaching the fourth year anniversary of being a Guild Wars fansite. The reason for the longevity is because of ArenaNet’s ability to do the right thing.”

    Dont want to bust your stones but since it was release in April of 05… wouldn’t that make it 3 years? 05-06 1yr, 06-07 2yr, 07-08 3yr?

    Also you have some valid points on this argument. I do think they should make it available by other means. Also, I would LOVE to see other GW merch. In fact my other guildys are screaming for more expansions…even after GW2 comes out (we have alot invested) However… look at the what your getting… I’ve been play GW since almost the beginning and it has more than payed for itself over and over…with new friends, free play and a hassle free environment.

    I know you like the drama of lighting up Gaile but I think she’s perfectly justified in her comments. Coming from a corporate environment myself you have to do what you can to make your customers happy… while at the same time… making things new and exciting to keep the money rolling in to pay for your paycheck. It’s a hard thing to balance.

  3. I have to agree with Gaile and believe she is absolutely correct in her comments. I think it all comes down to the BMP was not intended to be “sold” as a product but as a reward/bonus for using the in-game store, not a give-away or freebee.

  4. I also agree with Gaile. Besides, they don’t owe us anything. It’s their product and they can market it however they want to. If people get upset, they don’t have to play.

  5. I have to agree. I’m offended that ArenaNet would lash out at someone for making a request and I’m considering not buying any of the future campaign releases because of this. I think the Bonus Pack should be available to everyone. I have every campaign but simply misssed the deadline cuz I bought Gwen at Target. I would gladly pay for the bonus pack if it were simply available.

  6. I totally agree with Sam. I have all the four games and I don’t have credit card nor PlayNC store where I live, so I had to buy the cd keys from online “trusted” web site. I feel sad because I bought Factions and Eye of the North in the period time but no BMP because I bought from normal site. Not going to be big problem if they understand that some players unable to buy from the PlayNC stores or in game store. So they should do it for their Fans and care about them since I do all I can to buy the game don’t you agree ?

  7. I got hold of the bonus mission pack, played through the missions, and have to say I was slightly dissapointed. Sure the missions are fun, but the business with the books that get acknowledged, and can be traded for weapons isn’t realy perfect. The weapons are plain and therefore almost useless.

    I think that the Missions revealed a nice bit of storyline, but I think that this should be made available to all players, even if it would only bee as a special event for a short amount of time. I also suspected a little more for the money I payed when I got hold of the bonus mission pack but I think I should rather see it as a free gift, than a purchased product.

  8. I have 2 copies of Prophecies and also bought Factions and Nightfall. Since then, I purchased the weapons bonus pack and a skills pack. As a dedicated player I feel that the mission pack should be at the very least purchasable from the online store, perhaps to players who have all 3 games. As it happens during the period of the offer, there was nothing I needed and was intent on playing. I have 3500 hours of play among my characters and would love to own the bonus missions, not only to just play them but to be proud of the fact that I have a complete collection. So come on Arenanet, make a plan!

  9. Any updates on this?

    I think I may have a viable solution: Multi-purpose access keys.

    The trial code CDs with key are already in distribution. Why not have the next batch come with the option to activate a single bonus mission with the key? By buying the trial package for $2 (which is what the cost was last I checked), you could activate any 1 of the 4 bonus missions or the trial game. That would bring the total cost of the mission package to just under $8 (OK, just over with tax); which I feel is reasonable ($2 is too little; the game of the year addition access key is $5, and this is more content).

    The coding is already in place; the access key which comes with both Factions and Nightfall already allows for the activator to enable a new account or to use that same code to attach 2 character slots + content to an existing account. This would work exactly the same way.

    Reason I advance this as a method is that it would save ArenaNet deal of distribution cost; a simple modification to the packaging and the back end, but no additional packages to create and possibly sit on shelves as unrealized sales.

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