New Wii Channel Available – Check Mii Out

Today is a very busy day for Nintendo. With the launch of Super Mario Galaxy and three new Wii Console Games, the blue glow from the slot illuminator did not fill me with the usual joy. Instead, it was more like, “What now?!” Oh, that’s right. I forgot about the new Wii Channel – Check Mii Out. Here’s the message that greeted me…

Nintendo would like to announce the launch of the new Check Mii Out Channel, which is now available as a free download in the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel. The Check Mii Out Channel will allow you to show the Miis you create to other people and to view the Miis created by other users around the world. You’ll also have opportunities to create Miis based on unique themes and submit them as part of a contest or even help judge Miis to find the winners.

Instantly, I was reminded of Everybody Votes. That’s a fun little diversion, which I thought was a good addition to the Wii Channel family. But as for Check Mii Out, I can’t figure it out. I don’t see the purpose of this channel. It’s not very fun. It just seems like an expansion of the Mii Parade feature.

I logged into the system and I was able to view the top 50 Miis. Oh look, there’s Darth Vader and Charlie Brown. It does look like there are some Mii artists out there, who enjoy modifying their Miis. Yet, I didn’t find this channel terribly amusing. It was especially disheartening to read the warning messages. It was as if my precious Mii would be corrupted forever. Seriously, check out the warning…


By posting your Mii, you agree that: (i) Nintendo or other third parties may use your Mii for any purpose whatsoever; (ii) Nintendo may delete, remove, rename or modify a posted Mii at any time, without previous noticel (iii) other Wii users may view and download your Mii for their own use and may rename your Mii once downloaded; and (iv) you will be unable to retrieve your Mii.

This felt more like the Mii Trafficking Channel – releasing my poor Mii into a dark and evil world, one of virtual slavery and torture. No, I don’t want my Mii to be abused. Even the music in the Posting Plaza is creepy. While the contest feature could be neat, I found the channel to be a waste of space. I deleted it and freed up 90 blocks.

What do you think of the Check Mii Out channel? 😕

2 thoughts on “New Wii Channel Available – Check Mii Out”

  1. It was entertaining for a few minutes looking through all the “popular” miis.. I think the judging period for the contests will be the most interesting part of this channel.

    It would have been neat if this was socially based, if you could “visit” one of your friends’ Wii to see their Miis in addition to what’s currently offered. I don’t understand Nintendo’s creative team, or why they have to take such a strong stance against anything that would make their online system (IMO) better.

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