WordPress vs. Drupal

WordPress vs Drupal ThumbnailRecently, I switched this website to Drupal. And even more recently, I switched it back to WordPress. What’s with the struggle between two robust content management systems? For many years, there wasn’t. I didn’t think fondly of Drupal. Maybe it was the Drupal icon. Sunglasses on a drop of water seemed odd to me. Maybe it was the high maintenance. I had trouble getting the software to do what I wanted. But with the launch of Drupal 7, things started to change. I saw the power of Drupal and I liked it.

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Apache Redirects – For When Your Web Pages Move

apache-redirect-thumbnailRecently, I moved all of my Guild Wars content to a new website. I feel pretty good about the new content management system and the new direction of the website. But as I went to bed last night, I started thinking about 404 Errors – Page Not Found. I had forgotten to set up Apache Redirects. After having a dream about poor search engine ranking, I woke up and updated my .htaccess file. It was simple but important work. Without sending web traffic to the new location, I risked losing visitors. Fortunately, with Apache Redirects, I could point web visitors to the new locations. This should create a better experience for both Human and Robot visitors.

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Are Search Engine Spiders / Robots Abusing Your Server?

Search engines represent a huge chunk of where Photics.com visitor traffic originates. Someone in France, Poland or Bahrain will use a search engine (like Google, Yahoo or MSN) and they may find my website. That’s impressive to me. I wasn’t even sure where Bahrain was located. But through the power of search engines, my website was being viewed out there… AMAZING!

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