Check Mii Out Channel Updated

My Nintendo started glowing with that ominous blue light again. I wondered what it could be? It was a boost for the Mii Artisans of the world. The Check Mii Out Channel was updated. The Free Wii Channel improvements include minor enhancements to the interface and Parental Control change.

Here’s the official word from Nintendo…

An update to the popular Check Mii Out™ Channel is available at no charge with several new features added:

  • In the Posting Plaza, you can now easily find all the Miis you’ve posted.
  • When viewing a Mii Artisan’s profile, you can now select to see all Miis posted by that Artisan.
  • If you cancel out of judging a contest and return later, any Miis you’ve selected previously for the contest will be retained.
  • Parental Controls are now supported in the channel. If a user chooses to block “exchange of user generated content” from the Parental Controls menu in Wii Settings, users will be prompted to enter the Parental Controls PIN in order to enter the channel.
  • When viewing Miis in the Posting Plaza under the “Popular” category, you can now view 500 of the most popular Miis over the past two weeks instead of just 50.
  • When using the Mii search feature, the Mii Entry Number is retained on the Entry Number screen. If the Mii you’re searching for is not found, re-entry of the number is not necessary, making it easier to modify your search.

If you’ve previously downloaded the Check Mii Out Channel, you must download this latest update in order to continue to use the channel. Please note that Artisan and Favorites save data will be retained when you update to the new version.

If you have not downloaded the Check Mii Out Channel before, you can do so for free from the WiiWare™ section of the Wii™ Shop Channel.