Guild Wars Groundhog Day – TANK Dies Again

Did you ever see that movie with Bill Murray – Groundhog Day? Basically, it’s about a guy who relives the same day over and over again. He keeps doing it until he gets it right. It’s like that for TANK. He died on Groundhog’s Day, which means I have to restart. It’s the pursuit of the Legendary Survivor title, back at level 1.

How did I die?

I blame Norton Internet Security. It totally messed up my gameplay tonight. I should have known it was going to be trouble. When I started my computer, it warned me that I had 25 days left to renew my software. I dismissed the warning as I planned to play Guild Wars!

Norton wasn’t done pestering me. During the game, it started an anti-virus scan. This seemed like the biggest waste of time, but I let it run. I wanted to keep my new computer safe and secure. Yet, something weird was happening. I couldn’t move the Guild Wars camera with my right-click button. Again, I thought this wasn’t going to be a problem. I kept playing.

I got too confident.  😡

See, I took the quick path. TANK is not the type to mindlessly slaughter Wurms. The orignal goal was to fight with Kilroy and that’s what I was doing. I fought all the way to the crazy Dwarf and it was a lot of fun. Considering how tedious the rest of the game is, I’m surprised that ArenaNet created such a fast and simple way to get experience points.

Kilroy Stonekin’s Punch-Out Extravaganza was easy… mindlessly easy. I started to get sloppy. I started to let the distractions get to me.

  • Sure, I’ll put on Family Guy… a little TV is OK.
  • No problem, Norton Anti-Virus can scan my hard drive. It doesn’t matter that it’s messing up my game.

I glanced at the TV for a moment. When I looked back, I didn’t realize that TANK fell. The angle of view was all wrong. When I realized what happened, I tried to press the number 8 key as fast as I could. It was too late. TANK didn’t get up, the mission was a failure and the number of deaths was greater than zero.


I would have to start over from the beginning. Just like in the movie Groundhog Day, TANK awoke in a familiar spot – Ascalon City. I used to love this place. Now I’m sick of it.

Experience Points Lost: 473,451