Has the Guild Wars Beta Test Begun? What is the Test Krewe?

guild-wars-army-thumbnailI’ve been busy working on some new projects for Photics.com. I needed to grab a Guild Wars skill image. While wandering over to the official Guild Wars website. I spotted an unusual announcement. It said, “Guild Wars Live Test Krewe Ready to Roll!” What is that supposed to mean? The description said, “Our Asuran technicians have finished weaving their magic, and it is time to get things rolling.” Um, that still didn’t make any sense to me, but the next paragraph helped clarify things.

It read, “If you are interested in giving new content and balance changes a good run-through before they hit the live servers, head over to our live Test Krewe application page for your chance to become a Krewe member!”

Wow, that’s interesting. It sounds like a beta test. Maybe it’s not for Guild Wars 2, it’s probably for content with the original series, but this could be a gateway into the sequel. Naturally, I was curious. I even spotted the form. Unfortunately, it wasn’t online for long. After reloading the page, I received an error.

We’re sorry, the page you requested could not be found.

I’m not too upset right now. As a game developer and a journalist, I might not qualify for this insider stuff. Although, since I am a key member of a community with millions of gamers, it is my mission to be monitoring this type activity. No doubt Guild Wars fans are hungry for new content. This is some of the biggest news in years. No doubt there must be some eager players.

Maybe the over-zealous fans crashed the form processor :-)

ArenaNet has been contacted via email regarding this matter. I’m waiting for an official response to share with you.

UPDATE: (8/11 9:34 PM EST) The form is back online.
UPDATE #2 (8/12) It’s down again.
UPDATE #3 (8/18) It’s online again.

5 thoughts on “Has the Guild Wars Beta Test Begun? What is the Test Krewe?”

  1. well if its for guild wars two i think they would have put it in main new but i just found this http://guildwars2.com/ nothing on there yet hoping they,ll put a trailer or something up in a week or 2

  2. Nothing… NOTHING?! What about the fiery Guild Wars 2 logo… so hypnotic… so mesmerizing… must wait for Guild Wars 2… must wait Guild Wars 2… pretty logo… must wait… logo… :-)

    Well, at least the form is back online.

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