I'm Sorry About The Booth Babes

If I had known this is how it would have turned out, I would have said things differently. The 2006 E3 will not have scantly clad women. If there is even the slightest chance that I am somehow indirectly responsible for the death of booth babes, I apologize. Yet, I’m beginning to wonder if ArenaNet is behind this sudden change. I’m beginning to wonder if I drove ArenaNet to rally against the Booth Babes. Did ArenaNet call for an E3 Nerf?

I read a Reuters article on CNET today, which was entitled, “Sexy Booth Babes banned at Game Show.” Apparently, there are huge fines to booth holders if their Booth Babes are dressed in a revealing fashion. I didn’t know it would turn out this way. I’m really REALLY sorry!

I know that bouncing breasts are a staple of the E3. Not only do fans of the E3 enjoy game previews, but they enjoy the sexy competition. They like to see which game company has the hottest Booth Babe. With the new restrictions, how will game companies get extra attention? Without young and firm skin to aid them, how will inferior games compete with Guild Wars? When you look at Guild Wars, the game should totally have dominated the previous E3s. Yet, ArenaNet did not receive major fanfare. Even when ArenaNet had hundreds of thousands of players at the 2004 “E3 For Everyone Event”, ArenaNet didn’t win a single award… not a single award! Instead of displaying compassion for such a loss, I made fun of ArenaNet. I told them that they should have had Booth Babes. I believed that “Rome: Total War” beat Guild Wars in awards because of those sexy ladies in togas. How could streaming technology compete with primal instincts? When two beautiful woman feed you grapes, your thoughts are clouded.

I could have left it alone, but no. I pressed the issue. I brought it up in my 2005 elite fansite interview.

Photics: While Guild Wars had over 200,000 accounts created for the 2004 E3, it didn’t win any major awards. The only reason I could think of was booth babes. There were no scantily clad women at the Guild Wars booth. Was this a conscious decision? Will you be doing anything differently at the 2005 E3?

5 thoughts on “I'm Sorry About The Booth Babes”

  1. Honestly Mike, Don’t feel bad. Would rather have people focus their attention on the games than the girls. If I want to go see half naked gals, I’ll go ask my girlfriend :-D

    All jokes aside (and by the way, she’s giving me funny looks now), I’m actually quite glad to see E3 back to what it’s supposed to be: a game expo.

  2. You know something is going wrong with the gaming sites and mag’s seem to focus on the booth babes as much or more than the games… I am glad to see that the expo is returning to showing off exciting new games.

  3. Mike,

    If it is your fault, well “so be it.” You did your best to get Arenanet to get Booth Babes, by using a purely logical argument. The “If they can do it, so can you” argument backfired solely due to the wet blankets of this world.

    They are the same crowd as the PC crowd. “If it adds fun and a lighter atmosphere, Squash it!” is the motto of the morale police of this world.

    The Booth Babes will be sorely missed by the “dirty old men” of the computer-gaming world. At least by this one… 8-)

  4. They are still here. I knew this was wrong. So all the people who actually cared, are you happy. :)

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