Wii Sports Boxing – How High Can The Skill Level Go?

If you own a Wii, odds are you’ve played Wii Sports. My favorite game is Wii Boxing. I love the dual wielding action. The wiimote feels very responsive. Wii Sports Boxing is one of my favorite fighting games – of all time. While experiencing this nirvana of video gaming, I found myself getting back to my gaming roots. Just how high of a score can I get? What happens when my rank hits the top of the chart?

To hit pro, you need 1000 points. Since that mark looked about halfway up the chart, I figured that 2000 was the highest one could get. Yet, something interesting happened in the 1500-1600 zone. I fought the trainer. After that, the challengers simply repeated. That’s when things started to get weird. I lost rank for winning. Yes, that’s right. I lost points in a match that I won. The ranking of your challengers doesn’t increase much past 1600. When you hit the 1700+ level, the system works against you. Hmmm, it doesn’t seem like the game wants me to hit 2,000. I quickly learned that it’s not enough to win the match. I couldn’t get knocked down either. Since I was keeping on my feet, I was able to fight my way to the 1800 zone. I notice that the ranking dot was nearing the edge of the chart. There wasn’t enough room on the chart for 2000 points. Did I reach the end? Is 1800 the max? No… not by long shot. The line keeps going…

Wii Sports Boxing - Photics hits 2,458
2,458 is the best I’ve gotten so far.
Wii Sports Boxing - Off The Charts!
The dot is off the charts.

Even with knocking out my opponent in the first round, I’m getting less and less per win. In the last bout, the bonus was only 28 points. That’s way down from the 75 point bonus in the earlier matches. With the deteriorating rewards, what’s the absolute max? I don’t know, but I sure do enjoy trying to find out. One thing is for sure, the scoring can go a lot higher than 2000. It looks like the line graph could keep going to touch the top of my TV.

Here’s some fighting advice to help you increase your rank…

  • Don’t let yourself get knocked down. (Duh!) If I get knocked down, I simply reset the match.
  • Try to knock down your opponent quickly.
  • Fight strategically! Don’t just swing the controllers around like a madman. Missing a punch can open you up for a beating. Look for opening in your opponent’s defense. Dodging works best. When you successfully dodge a punch, that’s your cue to counter-attack.
  • Land combos. I like to dodge, then hit ’em with a right / left combo. The more devastating your combos, the less likely the computer controlled character will recover. Listen for that ping sound. That’s how you know you’re doing it right.
  • The AI doesn’t get much harder past the 1600 raking. Try to create an attack pattern that works, as it should work every time.

I noticed that Wii Sports is less of a workout now that I understand how the game plays. Instead of swinging at the air with full force, I simply do quick thrusts. The game is still lots of fun. I’ll be trying to beat my top score.