It’s Dangerous To Store Topo Chico In Extremely Cold Temperatures

Topo Chico ExplosionI like Sprite and 7up, but excess sugar is not healthy. So, I went looking for fun alternative to plain water. In the Mexican section of a local supermarket, I learned about Topo Chico. I was surprised. While not quite as yummy as a soda, I thought Topo Chico was good. It’s a bit expensive though, so I compared the drink to other Carbonated / Sparkling Water (Lime) alternatives. The glass bottle of Topo Chico is fancy, but that also lead to a big problem.

17° Fahrenheit

It was 17° degrees Fahrenheit in the garage. That’s where I was storing the Topo Chico, as there wasn’t enough room in the refrigerator. I figured the beverages would be kept cool in the cold garage, but it got extremely cold. That was the temperature when I discovered the problem. It might have been even colder than that in the garage. 🥶

Topo Chico — The Glass Bottles Exploded

The glass bottles exploded, resulting in a frozen fizzy mess. It should have seemed obvious. Water expands when it freezes. Yet, the danger went unnoticed. When the temperature dropped, the glass shattered. It was a sizable mess. It’s also disappointing, as I was looking forward to drinking those three beverages.

That’s what happens when a refreshing beverage from Mexico is shipped to much colder climates. Although, Texas has been seeing some frigid weather too. So, I figured I’d make this post. Don’t waste that precious Topo Chico. Be careful with those glass bottles.