Nicholas The Traveler – Shiverpeak Manes

week-34-traveler-thumbnailWeek 34 of Nicholas The Traveler’s scavenger hunt is a bit more light-hearted. For one, it’s in a much easier zone. It’s in Deldrimor Bowl – a zone of medium difficulty. It’s an easy trip from Beacon’s Perch. The Shiverpeak Horsemen, which drop the Shiverpeak Manes, are not much of a threat to a level 20 fighter… or even a level 20 pajama wearing magic caster. But there’s something else that’s more jovial about the latest mission from Nicholas, it’s the story. It’s somewhat amusing.

Here’s the official text…

I can trust you, can’t I, friend? I have a dwarven associate, and he is in an unfortunate situation that his people won’t understand and that requires the utmost discretion. You see, the poor chap can’t grow a proper beard. He’s gotten downright frantic about it. Lately, he’s taken to cobbling together fake beards made from Shiverpeak Manes. Since he has no real reason to hunt them down, he’s afraid that he’ll draw attention to himself if he keeps doing it. He’s appealed to me for help, figuring that I go all over the world and could easily acquire them. If I remember correctly, 3 are needed for a full beard. so while more are always welcome, I’ll accept no less.

It wasn’t too hard to farm the Shiverpeak Manes. I didn’t even put too much attention into my build. It was just the standard Elementalist Fire-Wizard build, with a Ranger pet. Having a crazy cat run around is a good help. They can often create a diversion while I cast spells. The Shiverpeak Longbows can interrupt with Distracting Shot, so you might have to be careful about that.

Just wander around to the West side of the zone, where you can find Nicholas and many opportunities to collect Shiverpeak Manes.
Just wander around to the West side of the zone, where you can find Nicholas and many opportunities to collect Shiverpeak Manes.

As usual, the loot was less than stellar.  I received: 5 Mysterios Summoning Stones, 10 Aged Hunter’s Ales, 10 Bottle Rockets, another 10 Bottle Rockets and 5 Green Rock Candies. But hey, this is the holiday season. “It’s the thought that counts!” I can feel better about myself, knowing that I helped a poor Dwarf with his beard problem. :-P

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  1. I really like how they keep tying in Nicholas with his surroundings. They draw the millions of mindless farmers attention to the details. Or the ones that stop to read the quest anyways. I once walked under a tree and snow fell on me! How wierd is that? And have you ever wandered into nebo terrace and just admired the rolling hills with the flowers in bloom? There is something that the average guild wars player is missing, and thats detail, and I think Nicholas is really bringing it back.

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