Spider Legs, Apples and Love…

nicholas-sanford-mary-malone-thumbnailToday, Nicholas Sandford (Pre-Searing) is collecting Spider Legs. I figured that I could kill a few crawling critters and farm some loot. Yet, I was distracted by the storyline. Imagine that… actually stopping to read the story in a video game. Maybe you should try it sometime, I find it to be entertaining. But the problem with reading the story is that it doesn’t always go the way you would like it. Lately, this is often the case with Nicholas. What a misfortunate fellow!  I understand that his unrequited love for Mary Malone is a core element of Guild Wars lore. It’s a very dramatic and very touching story. But when he sends me off to mindlessly kill spiders, my mind starts to wander.

So there I was, deep in the woods, hunting spiders. It brings back memories. Many years ago, when I first explored this part of Tyria, I hated this area. Those spiders would shoot me with their deadly projectile attacks. I’d be swarmed by those monsters and I’d flee in a panic. Now, I can hit them for over 100 damage in a single shot. That’s a lot of damage for Pre-Searing.

TANK attacks a spider for over 100 damage. The reward: Zero experience, but the main goal is to gather Spider Legs.
TANK attacks a spider for over 100 damage. The reward: Zero experience, but the main goal is to gather Spider Legs.

The problem is that when you’re trying to help out Mary, by carrying her Basket of Apples, it’s hard to run away. This can be a tough quest for beginners. How is a Warrior supposed to attack spiders while carrying such a heavy object? If you’re familiar with the game, it’s quite an easy task. But for beginners, many must have fallen in battle… slain by vicous spider attacks. Mary’s quest is a good training mission. There are many times in Guild Wars where you are required to carry objects, all while being pummeled by enemy attacks. When you pick up Mary’s Basket of Apples, extra spiders will spawn to attack you. Since I wanted more spiders to hunt, I picked up the basket.

Here’s her quest…

Ah, I’m so glad you happened along. Could you help me, please? I was out here picking apples…I’d almost filled my basket when the spiders…ugh, they were everywhere! It must have been the scent of the apples that attracted them. Anyway, I dropped my basket and ran! What else could I do? But I won’t get any wages for today if I don’t get that basket back. Can you go into the orchard and get my basket for me? Those spiders won’t give you any trouble, I’ll warrant.

That’s interesting, because this is what Nicholas has to say today…

It’s tragic! Mary works so hard on that orchard, and the spiders just keep bugging her. I’m afraid she’ll get tired of it and leave. She might even stop visiting us! Then where would Yakkington get such delicious apples? I can’t bear the thought of her leaving. Would you please help me? I think if I had 5 Spider Legs, then I could fashion a scarecrow. I mean, it would be for spiders instead of crows, of course!

So while I was lugging this produce around Regent Valley, it dawned on me. Why am I carrying this Basket of Apples? If Nicholas really loves Mary, wouldn’t this be an excellent opportunity for him to win her affection? So, I lugged the Apples over to Nicholas.

Take the apples you moron!
Take the apples you moron!

In their Guild Wars 2 promotional video, ArenaNet asked us, “What’s your story?!” If they really want to know, then the game is going to need more options for storytelling. Fortunately, we have this fansite. So, how would you add this to the Guild Wars lore? You have Mary’s Apples and you’ve brought them to Nicholas. What do you think should happen next?

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  1. I think Nicholas should enlist you (me, you, the main character, whatever) as a bodyguard, hoist the apples up on Yakkington to haul, and hike over to Mary. And they both walk off into the sunset talking of apple pies and cider. Makes a great happy ending eh?

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