Happy Thanksgiving – Special Treats Weekend

sweet-treats-weekend-thumbnailArenaNet continues their tradition of celebrating the holidays in Guild Wars. Since this weekend is Thanksgiving, computer controlled monsters will drop Pumpkin Pie and Hard Apple Cider. Even in the virtual world of Tyria, there will be lots of eating and drinking this weekend. I enjoy these events because it’s great for title farming. If you’re working on your Sweet Tooth or Drunkard title, the extra loot helps. Supposedly, this digital gluttony will be rewarded in the sequel.

Here’s the official word from ArenaNet…

Special Treats Weekend

This holiday weekend, from Noon Pacific (-8 GMT) this Wednesday until 11:59 PM Pacific (-8 GMT) on Sunday November 30, you will find Slices of Pumpkin Pie and Hard Apple Cider as random drops throughout all the lands of Tyria!

In just one run of Kilroy’s Punch-Out Extravaganza I picked up three Hard Apple Ciders and three Pumpkin Pies. Considering that I would need 10,000 of each to max out the two titles, that’s a lot of consumption! 😛