Enjoying The Holidays With The iPad Air 2

Emoji - Christmas Tree With Gift BoxFor technology and gadget lovers, there were two main Black Friday sales at Best Buy this season – a 50″ Panasonic LED TV for $199.00 (regularly $549.99) and an iPad Air 2 for $100 off. Since I wasn’t looking for a new TV, I started focusing on a new iPad. Originally, I wasn’t a fan of the iPad. I didn’t see the purpose of it. But after reviewing the specs of the iPad Air 2, and after seeing all the crazy holiday sales, I decided that I should get one.

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Where’s the Turkey / Thanksgiving Emoji?

Emoji - No Turkey?Emoji are to text messages as a turkey dinner is to Thanksgiving in the United States. A problem occurs when all four of these things are combined. How does one send a festive text message to someone celebrating Thanksgiving? It seems like such a trivial issue, but probably lots of people have been sifting through their iPhone’s special characters – looking for a good turkey icon. I was one of those people. I looked through the People, Nature, Objects, Places and Symbols categories. I started wondering, “Where’s the thanksgiving icon?”

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Happy Thanksgiving – Special Treats Weekend

sweet-treats-weekend-thumbnailArenaNet continues their tradition of celebrating the holidays in Guild Wars. Since this weekend is Thanksgiving, computer controlled monsters will drop Pumpkin Pie and Hard Apple Cider. Even in the virtual world of Tyria, there will be lots of eating and drinking this weekend. I enjoy these events because it’s great for title farming. If you’re working on your Sweet Tooth or Drunkard title, the extra loot helps. Supposedly, this digital gluttony will be rewarded in the sequel.

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