PlayStation System Update Version 3.00

photics-ps3-thumbnailToday was a busy day for me. When I want to relax, I like to bust to revised versions of games that I used to play 15 years ago – like Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. Ah, the early 90’s… when Capcom had trouble counting to three. Yet, my relaxation would be postponed. My PlayStation 3 wouldn’t let me online until I ran a system update. What’s so special about today? First my Wii was pestering me. My PS3 wanted attention too.

Here’s the message I receive while updating my system…

PlayStation System Update Version 3.00

Main Features Revised in System Software Version 3.00

Various elements of the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) screen have been redesigned for better viewing and easier use.

You can now access the latest information about PlayStation® related topics more easily from the XMB™ screen. Connect your system to the Internet, and then select [PlayStation®Network] > [What’s New].

You can now access the latest content in PlayStation(R)Store directly under the [Game] and [Video] categories. Select [Game] > [PlayStation®Store] or [Video] > [PlayStation®Store].

Audio can now be output to multiple connectors simultaneously. You can set this option under [Settings] > [Sound Settings] > [Audio Multi-Output].

During video content playback, you can now use the right stick to play content in slow playback, fast reverse or fast forward.

Basically, this means that I got a prettier background for the XMB – it sparkles now! :-)

After the install, my PlayStation 3 booted up with the new PS3 logo. It’s similar to the PS2 logo.  There also seemed to be more focus on promoting new content. I browsed the PlayStation Store for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled but I couldn’t find it. I was surprised to find episodes of Fist of the North Star available for sale. That’s an 80’s cartoon. With all this cutting edge software and hardware, something seems odd to me that I’ve been focused on remade retro games. This update reminded me of an old clichĂ© — the more things change, the more they stay the same.