Should Guild Wars Celebrate Memorial Day?

Today is the last Monday in May. That means it’s Memorial Day in the United States. It’s quite a significant occasion. In addition to being the the unofficial start of Summer — and a national holiday — Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember Americans who died in war. When I stopped to reflect about the significant of the day, Guild Wars popped into my head. ArenaNet has made a game about War. Is there an in-game event to mark the significance of the day? I checked the announcement window, but there were no events listed for today. I began to ponder the situation – should there be a Guild Wars event for Memorial day?

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Interesting Guild Wars Messages

Sometimes the events just seem to blur together. It didn’t feel all that long ago when I suggested to ArenaNet that they should have an RSS feed. Today, I’m monitoring six different Guild Wars related RSS feeds from NCsoft / ArenaNet. From the ArenaNet blog an interesting message hit my computer. It was from David Campbell. It stated, “Make sure to check back with us next week when we explain what we mean when we say Guild Wars 2 is YOUR story!” This is rather interesting to me, as I have one rather large gripe with the sequel – CHOICE! From what I’m reading of the lore, it doesn’t seem like you have a whole lot of freedom. Is ArenaNet actually going to address this issue and restore my enthusiasm in the sequel?

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War In Kryta – Strike Now!

It seems that ArenaNet’s viral campaign has ended and a new battle has begun. The image at the War In Kryta is no longer obscured. While the growing battle between the White Mantle and the Shining Blade is growing clearer, I’m still a bit confused as to what I should do about it. What is for certain, ArenaNet is working on some new content for the original series. Very likely, the tension between the two factions will climax on April 28… the fifth anniversary of Guild Wars.

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Obey or Dismantle – Riddles To War

At the Game Developer’s Conference, two unusual fliers surfaced. One was for the White Mantle and the other was  for the Shining Blade. They had QR Codes which lead to the Guild Wars website. At first I dismissed this information. It was too ambiguous. However, more details have started to surface. Also, the presentation of these clues is deliberate. The Guild Wars community has been given a series of riddles. Is this just to build hype? Heh, probably… but perhaps there’s more to the mystery. By monitoring the clues, perhaps the community can better prepare for war. It seems that the White Mantle and Shining Blade will do battle.

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Nicholas The Traveler – Feathered Caromi Scalps

The weekly scavenger hunt continues. This time, Nicholas the Traveler is at the Ascalon Settlement. That’s in the North Kryta Province. It’s a mid-level territory, so the April 5, 2010 challenge is not so challenging. I like that. It’s refreshing. In about an hour, I had this one wrapped up. If found previous quests from Nicholas to be highly tedious, this week’s run might be more fun for you.  After the Easter festivities, both in game and out, one might opt to enjoy the Spring weather. While ArenaNet is a West Coast company, this East Coast gamer is going to enjoy the extra time to go outside… sans laptop.

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