April Fools Day 2010 – A Look at Guild Wars Past and Present

I’m not a big fan of April Fools Day. I don’t think it’s right to play tricks on people. Yet, when Guild Wars gets into their holiday mode, it’s usually pretty cool. Today, I logged into Guild Wars to see what ArenaNet cooked up. I watched the progress bar. New content was being downloaded. What could it be? The anticipation was building. My main (and only) character “TANK” was left in Gunnar’s Hold. The map was loading. I could see it. The zone was starting to load, but I couldn’t see the people? Oh, the game is still loading. OK… a few more seconds would do it… what would I see? What would ArenaNet do this year? Loading… loading… loading… AH HA… that’s cute.

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Nicholas The Traveler – Thorny Carapaces

I was preparing myself to pass on this week’s scavenger hunt. I only have one character now – TANK. I’m also Guildless in Guild Wars. To better prepare for Guild Wars 2, I’m starting from scratch. I figured that I wouldn’t be able to participate in the fun, not with the majority of Tyria unexplored. But this week, Nicholas is in Krytan territory. I only needed to complete two more missions to get close enough to the action. Since I was planning to complete those missions anyway, I decided to make a run for it. I took my Survivor Ranger into undiscovered territory… undiscovered to TANK anyway.

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Christmas in January – Wintersday Returns!

Christmas is a great time of the year. There’s only one problem, that depressing feeling you get after the holiday is over… no more gifts to give… decorations to be packed and pushed into a dark corner of a forgotten closet. I could feel this crushing emotion in Guild Wars as well… no more festivities… less random loot… it was just disheartening. The long nights of January could use some random happiness. Well thankfully, since ArenaNet had some technical difficulties with the original Wintersday celebration, it’s coming back. Their folly extends the holly and the jolly! The official message explains the details.

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Nicholas The Traveler – Decayed Orr Emblems

This week’s scavenger hunt was a refreshing change. It was easy! It was a battle against the undead in the lands of Kryta. That’s a low-level area, with monster levels in the teens. These dark creatures are highly vulnerable to fire. It’s also an occassion where a smite Monk can truly shine, with their damage bonus against the undead! The action starts at Bergen Hot Springs, traveling through Nebo Terrace, to the Cursed Lands. Just wipe out some undead hordes, collect 15 Decayed Orr Emblems, and then see Nicholas The Traveler for your prize.

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Guild Wars – Dead Ends

Guild Wars is a great game. You’d probably expect me to say something like that, considering that I run a Guild Wars fansite. I’ve been playing the game for years. But every once in a while, ArenaNet does something to annoy me. Usually it’s with their storyline. It started with Rurik and it seems to be getting worse. Eventually, the lore travels down roads that are so twisted, I can no longer follow them. I like to beat video games, to complete them entirely, but I have not been able to finish Guild Wars Chapters 3 & 4. There are parts of the game that I consider to be dead ends.

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