Wii Fit Balance Board – Weight Limit

I rather enjoy Wii Fit. I think it serves as a helpful reminder to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s almost like a personal trainer in a box. Wii Fit gets sad if I put on weight and it gets happy if I lose weight. It tries to focus me in reaching my weight goals. That’s pretty easy, since I have no goals. But for those with lofty weight loss goals, perhaps Wii Fit is not for you. Just reading the box is an obvious warning. It’s not intended for people over 330 pounds, as this comic illustrates…


Now this comic is not to poke fun at people, rather the system. I’m not a heavy guy. I’m actually closer to underweight. Yet, the Wii Fit Balance Board in-game caricature moans when I step on it… OOOOHHH… what is that about? ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?!

The Balance Board could make me self-concious. Why does my daily measuring of my Weight, BMI and Wii Fit age have to be so dramatic? STEP ON… GREAT… that sounds OK. When I hear STEP ON… OOOHHH! The game starts to mess with my head!

Maybe it just likes me. Maybe my Balance Board is female.