YouTube Level 2 — Photics.TV 100+ Subscribers

Photics.TV 100+ SubscribersVisit Photics.TV (YouTube) to see a video of this article. Photics TV has reached over 100 subscribers. This is what I consider to be YouTube level 2. That website seems to like powers of ten. Well, sorta. Nothing happened at 10 subscribers. But now at 100 subscribers, the channel can have a custom web address. The new address is that’s nice and easy to remember.

However, the channel already had a custom web address, as I registered the Photics.TV domain name. Basically, there are three ways to reach this channel…

…and this long squiggly mess of characters…

✅ — 1 video (Get started)
✅ — 100 Subscribers (Personalized URL)
🔲 — 1,000 Subscribers (Get paid)
🔲 — 100,000 Subscribers (Get a pretty award)

So, what’s next for the channel?

Well, Photics TV is a variety channel. On the weekdays, it’s more business related content, such as tech tutorials. But on the weekends, it’s time to relax and play. That’s when the fun videos are launched. The plan is to keep making more of these videos.

The channel has mainly covered Apple technology, but it’s not exclusive to Apple. It just so happens that Apple has a lot of interesting things to discuss lately. But hey, I’m watching the stats closely. I’m looking to see what you like. So far, it looks like the Apple productivity and Apple Arcade content is getting popular.

I’m also planning to update the Widgets app. Once it’s done, the idea is to launch a tutorial video about the app. The main reason for starting this channel was to promote Photics apps, books, and games. Although, making these videos is a lot of fun.

The channel needs to be profitable to continue though — and to grow. That’s why the next goal is YouTube level 3 — 1,000 subscribers — channel monetization. We’re on track to make it there. It’s not too far away. It looks like people have really been enjoying the content, as the feedback has been really good.

Although, I do have to make one clarification. I am not a robot. The voice over is not an advanced artificial intelligence bent on global domination. Although, I suppose that’s exactly what a sneaky AI would say.

Seriously, it’s just lots of editing and lots of redos. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it. Hopefully you enjoy these videos too. Anyway, I’m going back to work and more videos are on the way.