A Message About Photics.com Registration

registration-overloadPhotics.comĀ is approaching its 17th anniversary. This website has been around for a long time. Throughout the years, thousands of people have created accounts for the various services available. Unfortunately, not all of those accounts were legitimate. Because this site is popular, spammers are going to spam. As the attacks have grown, registration has become more complex. If it seems more difficult than usual to register for this website, I’m not trying to be a jerk.Ā I’m trying to protect the site.

Apparently, “A Book About Hype” is popular too. Some people from the Tumult Forums are trying to register for this website. Unfortunately, it appears that they were unsuccessful. It seems that the site protection was too aggressive.Ā I checked behind the scenes to see that 15,793 registrations were stopped. Many of these were bogus registration, so spam protection is important. However, I spotted some legitimate looking registration attempts.

I’ve decided to dial back the restrictions. I’d rather delete a few (hopefully) spam accounts rather than upset new website visitors.

Previously, the website would send an email to verify account registration. This can be problematic, as the email might not be received. It could end up in aĀ spam folderĀ orĀ it could be blocked by the receiving email server. The Internet is a bit of a battlefield these days. Determining legitimate traffic is a big issue. It’s a problem for people trying to get into this site. It’s also a problem for outgoing messages from this website.

If you used the Contact FormĀ to request notification when “A Book About Hype” is available, I haven’t sent a response yet. I don’t want to annoy you. I’m waiting for Black Friday (NovemberĀ 27, 2015) to reply. That’s when the book is set to launch.

If you tried registering for this website, but were unsuccessful, a retry should be more successful. If you’re still having trouble registering for this website, theĀ Contact FormĀ is available to request assistance.