Animotion Raise – Another Open Letter To Trump

Animotion - Raise Your Expectations Album CoverSo, Trump won. A lot of people are freaking out about this, but I’m actually relieved. Trump and friends fought hard during the campaign. Despite all the rhetoric on both sides, I think the Republicans presented a better future for the United States. That’s why they’ll soon control the Senate, the Congress, the Executive branch and the Judicial branch. Big change is coming. If Trump is true to his word, America is in for good times. What better way to celebrate than with good music?

I remember President Ronald Reagan. The media gave him such a hard time, but he did a great job. He won the cold war by boosting Americana. Movies, video games, TV and music – it just felt more fun. Instead of nukes dropping, we had leg warmers and high hair. I think Reagan had a big role in that. Before he was a politician, he had a background in entertainment. That sounds similar to Trump. Will history repeat itself?

Since it’s Christmas Eve, I wasn’t planning to get political today. Actually, has an international audience. It’s better for business if I just quietly sell my books. Yet, I was really excited by a serendipitous discovery.

As a gift, I received some iTunes Gift Cards. This is great, as I keep a list of songs to purchase. Animotion’s “Obsession” is on that list. As I’m trying to figure out which version of the song I prefer, I noticed something. What’s this?! They have a new album. It’s called “Raise Your Expectations” and it’s pretty good!

The curious part was the release date – 1/20/2017. ?
That’s Inauguration Day! ?

From what I’ve been seeing on the news, it seems that a lot of entertainers don’t want to attend the event. Maybe it’s fear of retribution from angry fans. That’s disappointing. But if Trump is looking for acts, perhaps he should contact Animotion. I sent a message over to suggest the idea.

Hi Trump Team!

Merry Christmas!

Here’s a quick story, maybe the information will be helpful to you. I got some iTunes cards as a gift, so I went looking for songs to buy. I was trying to decide which version of Animotion “Obsession” to buy, when I noticed they have a new album on the way. It’s called “Raise Your Expectations”.

The release date of the album is the same day as Trump’s inauguration – 1/20/2017. The new album sounds create and it matches the theme of the campaign – we can do better as a nation. “Raise Your Expectations” sounds like a fun song too. It’s modern, but also a throwback to the 80’s.

I saw on the news, if it’s to be believed, that there’s been some trouble finding acts to perform during the inauguration. If you’re still looking for performers, maybe contact Animotion. I don’t know their politics, but musically it seems like a good match. Considering your two teams share a day, it might work out.

Just a fun idea,
– Michael

I’ve written to Trump before. There wasn’t a response to the Net Neutrality issue, which seems to have an uncertain future in a Trump presidency, but maybe this topic is a bit more entertaining and easier to understand.

Anyway, the new Animotion album sounds great. It’s a solid mix of that nostalgic 80’s sound and modern music. It’s been more than a quarter-century since Animotion has released a new album, which is another reason why I’m looking forward to January 20, 2017. Perhaps this is the start of a more prosperous and fun era.